Jambox in CrazyTwizy and got big sis Zoe

Hi Guys - been a while lol, a lot’s been happening on the EV front :slight_smile: - First thing, we had to add some real good tunes to the Twizy - so I adapted the Big Jambox which in torture tests astounded the judges. Given the hard suspension of the Twizy, I needed something durable, and can deliver top quality sound. Attached are some pictures of the Big Jambox installed.

The second item is getting a 2014 Zoe Dynamique Intens. Looks great in black, and is in great shape. I got it from Matt at Go Green Auto’s - Matt has been a great guy, knows his stuff, and for a longer distance purchase it all went without a single hitch. Not only all the preliminary items like the battery lease, all Q’s answered, he’s provided support post sale on various fronts including lending me a home charger solution until the box gets installed on the wall. The new Zoe pictures are still posted here :slight_smile:

I hope Kenneth gets tickled in building a PowerBox for the Zoe - it needs more regen, and needs an INSANE mode like the Twizy has :imp: - Now with 2 EV’s - I am thinking of letting go the trusty 308 1.6TD, maybe in a couple of months lol

I own both a twizy and a Zoe, its a great combination and have been running them for 2 1/2 years.

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I have to say, the Zoe is definitely a nice ride, almost luxurious next to the trusty and fun Twizy. While I love the Twizy for the wild ride it is, the Zoe is almost polar opposite where calm, quiet and a sophisticated suspension almost makes you forget you are in an electric car. The Zoe is in for out of schedule service tomorrow for an update of the BMS, the R-Link, and generally see how much the battery has degraded since 2014. New rear tyres are also on the plan, they are not cheap, retailing for £194ea, I found some on eBay for £67 a piece.

It is reported that in France they are testing battery upgrades from the 22KWh to the 40KWh - which I am watching closely. ;). That would be a cool upgrade.

My partner has been driving the Twizy, so I will be swapping her to the Zoe, and I will get the Twizy back - I enjoy a wild ride lol

What colour combo of Twizy and Zoe do you have? :wink:

Finally got the pic of the Zoe :slight_smile:

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