Journalist request - thoughts on EV infrastructure

I am a reporter on the business desk at the Daily Mail newspaper. I am working on a piece about the UK’s EV charging infrastructure and how easy it is to use. I’m keen to hear from as many EV drivers as possible on their experiences to make sure I get across the real picture. For example, is it a problem that networks are owned / run by so many different companies? Do you find yourself having to have several subscription / RFID cards / apps? Does this deter you from taking journeys / buying a car?
Hugely grateful for a quick chat on phone / by email with any drivers on these forums.
My deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday.
With thanks and regards,
Rachel Millard
City reporter, Daily Mail
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Although this is a general forum for all EV’s it started with a strong Renault Twizy user base. Therefore any thing you find here will be swayed by this Vehicle.

The Renault Twizy is a small 2 seater city car. It uses a standard 3 pin plug to connect to a domestic 3 pin socket. This would mean there are Millions of potential charge points. The idea of a Uk charging infrastructure does not cater for the Renault Twizy and possibly rightly so, although it is annoying at times.

The Twizy does not have the ability to Rapid charge and what ever charge point it is connected to will take 3,5 hours to charge from empty to full. This gives approximately 36 and 50 miles range depending on terrain and ambient temperatures. This makes it idea for a shopping trip of a visit to some activity or tourist place, as the Twizy is parked for a few hours during the visit. Some National trust places service the Twizy nicely.

The EV charging infrastructure you as really concerned with a the sort of thing found at Motorway services. As the Twizy is unlikely to make long trips on the motorway due the short hops and long charge times these do not come into use for the Twizy user

What would be ideal is if more places (Pubs, Cafes, shopping centres etc) provide both Type 2 and 3 pins sockets. The Twizy owner is more concerned about destination charging ( slow chargers, fast charges) rather than Rapid Charges.

Final point is cost of charging - The Twizy on E7 cost 40p to recharge from empty. This would be only come into play if the car was pushed to the charge point so lets say 30p a charge max. I cannot see how a none 3 pin socket can be installed and ran cost effectively. Charging £6 for 30 mins makes it very very uneconomical to charge a Twizy at most charge points. No one would pay £36 to charge for the next 50 miles.

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Greetings Rachel,
I own a Twizy, it is a Birthday present frommy daughter who thinks I am too old for a Motorcycle. With a limited rage charging can be a problem and I only have the threepin domestic plug. I am very pleased with my Twizy and it has encouraged me to look at other electric vehicles but found there are very few charging points in the area I live in and this has put me off the idea a little. Maybe when the Council puts them in Car Parks, then I will reconsider the idea.