Jupe experiences?

Hi, Twizzlers!

I had the Jupe fitted to my doorless Twizy recently - and this-morning was the first morning drive to work where its use was at-all justified, so I gave it a go.

I had already decided that I would remove the parts for the rear passenger from the bag and stow them in the lockable storage - I can’t imagine I’d take passengers in the kind of weather where I’ll opt for the blanket - so sitting in the car, unzipping the bag and pulling the blanket over was remarkably easy (as was stowing it back in again on arrival to work).

I had assumed the weighted bottom “skirt” of the blanket would rest easily along the floor beside the seat - not so when you pick up speed!they frequently got taken by a gust of wind and popped OUTSIDE the vehicle, slapping against the bodywork… I’d guess that if the thing weren’t velcro’d behind the drivers seat, it would have torn free and been left by the roadside on more than one occasion. It’s easy enough to pick it up and plonk it back on the floor without having to stop driving - but that’s not the point, I don’t want to be made nervous about safety in-order to gain a little comfort through the winter months!

I can see that the weighted parts are also stiffened - perhaps they could tuck-in under the side of the seat - or maybe I’m just doing something wrong? Anybody else in here have any experience of the Jupe? Please tell me I’ve overlooked something?

I also can’t really see any point in the very short fastening straps each side of the front section of the jupe - again, what am I missing here? Currently I’m seriously thinking maybe I need a strap or a bungie or something to tie the jupe around my legs above the knees to keep it in place!


  • Richard.

Hi, Richard.
Sorry for my ignorance but what is the Jupe?

Hi, Ashko;

The Jupe is what is otherwise referred to as the “Twizy Blanket” - an official accessory from Renault designed to give some protection to the Twizy driver (and passenger) from the kind of weather we must expect for most of the year in the UK!

If you Google for 8201203853 (The Renault part number for the Jupe) you should find more information.

  • Richard.

I saw these on the site back in 2012 and Thought hey also clipped to the door alignment rubber knobs. This stopped it lifting at the bottom. Not having see one if real life I just must of dream’t it.

Possibly - but as mentioned, I don’t HAVE doors on my Twizy… So have nothing to clip it to!

It might be that they are only supposed to be sold to users who have doors - but Renault had no issues supplying it to me along with the Twizy so I’m thinking that I must just be missing something obvious…

  • Richard.

No the Twizy Blanket is for Doorless models. I had assumed they would supply the rubber pegs to go in the frame to conenct the blanket to.

However reading the fitting instructions There are some magnetic pads that fit to the sides of the drivers seat. These should help it not to flap about.

Using the same part number on Google France you get to the Renault France parts website & according to Renault the blanket (couverture) has a heating system and the photo gives you a bit more details as you can zoom in.


The Jupe looks far too much of a nuisance to use. Just get some decent thernals and waterproofs :grinning:

Hi, Osbrook;

Yep - got all the fittings (velcro / magnets) fitted - but driving at 52mph up the A30, the wind seems to get in from the FRONT - filling it out a bit like a windsock. that is enough to pull the pads away from the magnets. No rubber pegs.

the picture on the French website shows the weighted parts flat to the floor - mine wont sit like that due to the effect of the wind.

  • Richard.

…could come to that…

If it’s the same as the UK one (It should be with the same number) then “heating system” is perhaps stretching it a little… There is a removable fleece pad on the inside (velcro’d in place) which, to be fair, DOES feel warm - but that might just be relative to the wind blowing up the sides of my legs inside the rest of the blanket!

  • Richard.

The Twizy was really designed for warm weather use, particularly the doorless model. All the accessories, like the windows, the Jupe etc are very much afterthoughts, and not very designed ones at that.