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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Just a few ideas and random pics

Renault dust caps and anti theft tax disc holder and last of Renault sport racing decals on both doors and rear.
Twizy naked on the front so some folks can see whats behind the panel.
As always your comments are warmly welcome.

http://i1352.photobucket.com/albums/q650/twizyboy/twizzy5-meg016_zps56bccd0e.jpg http://i1352.photobucket.com/albums/q650/twizyboy/twizzy5-meg015_zps8a29c934.jpg

I like the idea of the see-thru front, but I think I’d want to cover it with SOMETHING. Maybe get a clear moulding to replace the original one?

How do you find the Bluetooth there? I had mine on the front of the glove box lid on the original Twizy: I’d be scared that I’d knock it off on the wheel. When my replacement car arrives I’m hoping the factory fit puts it back where it was on the original one! :slight_smile:

Finally, do I see another Twizy in the reflection? Two cars? :wink:

Hi Nikki , I just took the front of to show some people what was behind :slight_smile: im keeping it on or it would look strange. The Bluetooth is ok there I knock it a couple of times when turning but hey ho. And no sorry no 2nd Twizy around must be a reflection playing tricks :slight_smile: What do you think of the Twizy Bag by the way.

Re: knocking Parrot

I’ve seen somewhere a picture of the steering controller located on the plastics above the windscreen as they had the same issue, but I can’t remember where to find them-may be worth a search. If I find, I’ll post them.

Having used Parrots in other cars, I know what you mean.

Twizy looks great. Loving the RenaultSport decals, what a great touch.

Cheers Mender… I was thinking about copying the logo on the floor rubber mats and having it put across the lower doors but thought less is more :slight_smile:
I am still chasing the sky roof option and changing my carbon effect roof panel to this. “IF” it can be done i shall put the carbon technic one up for sale so any one with an urban or color may wish to upgrade there roof panel. I shall keep you all posted as always. I did ask the dealer if they would fit the cables in the lockable glove box on the dash so i could leave my i pod fitted in , but the tech guy said no cables were to short to go that side and would only go in the left side due to the screen fitting that side as well. :frowning:

Less is more, looks perfectly understated and spot on now.

I will do roof too, get it bought and fitted by Autoglass or similar when it is available.

Glove boxes not strong enough-a thief does not care if he breaks the lid…
An A4 document holder/pocket would be useful for me, could be a little drawer under the seat.

Now there is a thought. What about the link cable though…?

? I would not trust anything in those gloveboxes unless a steel inner box fixed to the frame could be installed, with its own lock

You’d perhaps be better off upgrading to an iPhone, putting tunes on that and linking it via bluetooth, which auto-pairs. The phone just comes and goes with you then, no security issues. You could sell the iPod to cover the monthly costs of upgrade.