Just bought my second hand Twizy 45 and I love it! (info)

This thing is great! Every one gives thumbs up! The ride is not very smooth but my 4 year old daughter loves to ride with me.

Getting a insurance (business) on it was crazy here in the Netherlands www.bokhorstverzekeringen.nl is the only one that can help out. Bovemij verzekeringen is the insurance company that helped out.
[email protected] can help out on insurance for the battery pack.

I bought a second hand Twizy 45 (noir, standard rims) for € 4.500 (2012 no doors 3.700 km) with new tires and for € 500 extra a lift-alarm.

I am building a ground anchor for extra protection with an ART4 2 meter cable, pictures will follow.

@kjeld Welcome to the world of Twizy driving.

I’m a little confused by the fact that you purchased a Twizy 45 from 2012, I didn’t think the 45 came out until 2014.

Nice to hear your daughter likes the Twizy. My son also likes the Twizy but for different reasons! :smile: He is 22 and 6’.4" (1.93m) and likes the fact the passenger has plenty of leg room.

@osbrook thanks for the comment.
Here in the Netherlands the Twizy has been a 45/80 version from the start.
Voertuigsoort Bromfiets (L6e)
D.2 Type AC
D.2 Variant ACVYA
D.2 Uitvoering ACVYA0
D.3 Handelsbenaming TWIZY 45
Type goedkeuringsnummer e22002/240051*01
Plaats chassisnummer Rechts, rechter kofferruimte
Datum eerste afgifte Nederland 18-04-2012
https://ovi.rdw.nl/default.aspx?kenteken=f416hr (motor service in NL)

The leg room is nice, yes. Teenagers I know of 16 years old can drive it here in NL so they all look in envy towards me :smile: