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Just Collected My New Twizy

As a Smart car nut I have just collected my new Twizy. Certainly a different ride!
Now to check out the range.

Great to leave a new owner on board. Tell us about your decision to get a Twizy ?

Looks like it was to promote the sale of trailers :slight_smile: Probably worth Alan joining the motorhome groups as well to show off his new toy.

Alan you mention the ride. Please check your tyre pressures as Renault often release the car with very high pressures that make the ride very hard.

Nice looking trailer, certainly extends the range of the Twizy. How much do they cost?

Anyway welcome and enjoy your new car.

What a nice trailer too!

I wonder if there’s any ability for those with motorhomes to charge their Twizy while it rides behind on a trailer? With the wheels off the road, it shouldn’t be a danger to the car, plus most modern Motorhomes have fairly big battery banks – and inverters.

I can’t remember exactly how many amps the Twizy pulls @230 Volts, but I seem to recall it isn’t anywhere near 13…


Nikki Nice idea and I did think about it for a few seconds.

Bigish battery banks but not to run a 3000w inverter. That’s getting on for a draw of 300amps allowing for efficiency loss.
A good alternator is 100 amps that means the batteries have to supply the rest it’s like starting a car continuously. You arrive at a camp site with a melted alternator using more fuel and flat batteries in the van. Most Motorhomers like their house batteries charged while driving so they last longer when they arrive. In fact the van batteries would not get top up charges when you nip out in the van as you would use the Twizy!

It would be cheaper to buy a generator, than a pure sine wave inverter and extra batteries never mind the weight of all those batteries. And No solar panels would not help either. :smiley:

The American Motorhomes have built in gennies, not sure they run while driving. But then the American Motorhomes only do 4 to 13 MPG.

I love the idea and would do it. For now I charge the car before I putting on the trailer and then when I can while away (if the camp site lets me).

The Twizy has almost exactly the same wheel base as a Smart, and we have a trailer designed for a smart car but without the braking system that a car as heavy as a Smart would need. Seems to work fine.

It isn’t 13 amps, but it’s a steady 10! Although they tell you not to, I wonder if the Twizy would regenerate if it were towed with one of those “A” frames (which aren’t really legal, I know) where the back wheels are on the road. I guess you’d have to have the ignition on. There is a hilarious YouTube of some Dutch guys doing this with a Nissan Leaf. I think they needed to drive 600km to get much though.

There is no reason why it cannot be done, just Renault don’t recommend it. However there are a few down sides:-

  1. Ignition has to be on and Drive selected.
  2. Wear and tear on the gear box being driven by the wheels.
  3. Adds mileage to the car that you have to pay for in battery rental.

On the other point A-frames are a grey area no one in the UK has ever been prosecuted for using one. It is also less of an issue with the Twizy as it can be treated as an unbraked trailer. It is this braking control on A-frames that puts them into the grey area.

My Twizy trailer is unbraked, and behind a Motorhome it makes no difference to performance or fuel consumption. Perhaps I drive slower when towing and it compensates for the extra fuel.

OK, many issue’s raised here: Yes my business is the towing of small cars behind Motorhomes - although that is not the prime reason for joining here. I just love small funky vehicles and car clubs. We did develop the QuadriTOW unbraked trailer especially for the Twizy as our www.Smart-Trailers.co.uk trailer is too wide and heavy for the Twizy. We are looking for Motorhomers, Renault Dealerships or anybody else who needs to tow or recover their Twizy to become a customer. Call me away from the Forum for pricing etc.

As for flat towing, that is another of our specialties under the brand www.Smart-Tow.com, and I would be interested in Osbrook’s comments on whether it is possible to flat tow the Twizy without the motor engaged. ie. brake off in neutral with key out? Would this cause any damage? Charging can take place at camp sites or charge points - it is not practical to tow charge it, or invert the M/H’s batteries!

The Twizy hand book says it can be recovered by towing flat. But I prefer to tow mine on a trailer. This avoids any grey areas about A frames not that the Twizy needs to be braked, wear and tear and gives me a new toy.

I like the small size of your trailer, I’ve seen A frames as heavy.


Nice to meet you today, sans Twizy. Hope you get bit sorted quickly.

See page 5.14. http://db.tt/iKnzpit0 onwards
For towing instructions