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Just crashed... dam you sticking throttle!

Mender suggested that there may be two or more software versions out there. But how do we tell?

  1. Charging fan rarely if ever cuts out on it’s own when charged.

  2. If I apply the throttle and the brakes the ‘power gauge’ does not drop to zero or recoup.
    Any other way of telling or any one have anything different.

  3. above means I too would have problems with a sticky throttle. Not that I have experienced it yet.

Hi Andy, You’ll notice if you take your foot off the gas and the pedal doesn’t come back up immediately with the sole of your foot. Generally mine sticks most if you’ve been using one bar of throttle in heavy traffic for example. The pedal will tend to stick on at one bar or stick and release after a few seconds…a handful of times its actually stuck at 2 bars of power which is pretty damn scary. I have usually been able to avoid an emergency by flicking my toe under the pedal and pulling up, stomping on the gas fleetingly to release it or from a preventative point of view pressing the accelerator pedal repeatedly before starting the car to free up the action…touch wood mine is OK again at moment but we have had a long dry cold spell, Im pretty sure its damp related and will return.


Admiral, after being initially very supportive, stated today that until a fault with the accelerator was identified as the cause of my crash, they would not pay out for any courtesy car or repair, or even the recovery. I spoke to the Renault Body shop who were ready to start the repair and deliver a courtesy car (at my expense). So I have had to decline the courtesy car. The body shop say that they have not seen any recalls or servicing bulletin’s regarding the accelorator ‘sticking’…“It hasn’t happenened to them in their workshop” - doh - it’s nice and dry there! So the body shop have recommended that the car has to go to ‘service’ to check for any faults at additional cost. If no fault can be found, it is suggested that there would be a case of driver error that can then result in a claim. However, Admiral have their own ‘repair’ centres and want two quotes for work if I don’t use their preferred bidder… So I would then have the hassle of swapping the car to another body shop or having to get a rival go and see the car to offer an alternative quotation. So I am potentially left with a £1200 bill for parts + Labour + recovery. Renault Insurance services who assisted in the recovery have stated that it is my insurance companies job to persue a claim against mechanical fault, and not Renaults obligation to investigate my claim… So after what appears to have been a day when I spent every available minute on the phone in between doing my job, I am no further ahead, in fact I am in a much worse position as neither Admiral or Renault can offer any help as they cannot replicate the accelerator problem.

The car truly is better than my complaint when you consider all the factors: Ease of use; fun factor; open air feeling (in milder weather); cost; recharging ease and costs; high profile shape attracts a lot of attention - everyone I talk to about it think it is brilliant. It is more sadness that I feel for the positive bubble that the car has created (having to recognise yes, it is a Renault, and yes I have to deal with garages). I wonder if it is just where Renault is today with regards to product quality, rather than any deliberately poor or underfunded development.

Therefore I would advise anybody else that is experiencing this issue to stop using their Twizys right away. We need to make people at the top of Renault aware of this issue and get them to do something about it. For Renault to come out and say it’s up to the insurance company to claim for a mechanical fault rather than Renault themselves admitting there is a problem is disgraceful.

A youtube video showing the sticking throttle would raise a few eyebrows.

You need to stop pursuing this claim against Renault, I can tell you without doubt it will cost you massively, and you will not win.
There is insufficient evidence to prove anything let alone a liability case. Best just take the hit and let your insurance do its normal job :frowning:

Seriously? Still, you must admit this is a dangerous problem that needs sorting. It can’t be a coincidence that multiple members of this forum are experiencing the same problem.

Can anyone speak fluent German?
If so they could see if any of our German friends on the German Twizy forum are experiencing similar throttle problems


Just go on forum and use google translate, also French and Dutch worth looking at

I think there are two people on this forum who have experienced a sticking throttle which would indicate that it is not an isolated problem, unless by coincidence they both spilt their fizzy drinks or coffee onto the accelerator pedal or happen to work in a glue factory.

Just for your information, a new Throttle assembly is £84 +vat, I priced one last week .

Noticed that highways had taken the light fitting of the lamp post down today… I had got a call from Renault I believe on Friday but was at work, so was unable to respond… Will check them on Monday along with the garage.

Renault engineer looking at my car today… Usefully damp conditions so hopefully if it has been left outside all day and then tested, it may replicate the fault. Whatever happens, the engineers report would help progress with the insurance.

After a 2 day wait, I called the garage on Tuesday after waiting for Renault to ring and inform me of the engineers verdict. The body shop guy stated that the engineer couldn’t find a fault… I rang my insurance but they still insisted on receiving the report before doing anything. So I am still stuck without a car which is getting expensive as if is costing over £40 a week to get the train when it would cost me £2.50 in the Twizy.

Same happened to me-the reason being the throttle only sticks in very cold conditions and the workshops are warm.
If left outside in minus 3 it would stick.

Hope this helps

Just received official confirmation today that Renault cannot find a fault with the throttle body or sensor, citing that the brake would have cancelled the accelerator automatically and cannot find a technical issue. I have got auto express magazine to investigate for me now. I know that I have had to put my toe under the accelerator to lift it back up to stop the car on previous occasions… I have never had an accident in 25 years of driving so I can’t explain how the crash happened on a dry road with no traffic around in daylight! Renault say they have video evidence of dyno testing and an extensive investigation took place against the word of a driver.

I have a video of mine sticking and would be willing to be a witness, send your email by pm and I will forward.
It was taken three hours after it stuck down fully and just shows it sticking momentarily, but it is very clear there is an issue.

I have a video of mine sticking and would be willing to be a witness, send your email by pm and I will forward.
It was taken three hours after it stuck down fully and just shows it sticking momentarily, but it is very clear there is an issue.

Can you not post it on Youtube for everyone to see?
It might help the cause and get Renault to do something about it :slight_smile:


I’ll send it to Roger first and see what he thinks :wink: