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Just crashed... dam you sticking throttle!

I tried pressing the brake and accelerated at the same time. Pressing the brake did not cut the power.

I tweeted Renault PR and head of EVs at Renault Andy Heiron about this issue and both have just flat out ignored it. They must be aware of the issue but are not willing to acknowledge it.

I have PMd Roger on this

Renault do not have a leg to stand on as they issued a recall FOR STICKING THROTTLES, but contacted no-one, they originally refused to mend mine as they could not replicate the fault-but when advised to leave it outside in the cold (when the fault occurs-I think the grease on the return spring is too thick in cold weather) they suddenly agreed to replace it…

I am trying to sort my video out with Roger, perhaps Lightly and Osbrook could video theirs sticking too and post on here.

Actions to take:
Gather evidence on here and foreign forums
Contact VOSA to advise of the issue and offer cars for inspection in cold weather
Highlight the difference in software programming between cars-my brake cancelled the throttle AFTER it went in for the throttle investigation the first time
Start a media/youtube campaign
As a recall or Red OTS was issued and no-one was contacted, it is documented that Renault know there is an issue-they are liable

Having nearly crashed mine in the same circumstances as Roger, I know the situation he faced and know this fault exists. So does Renault, or why would they instigate a recall?
It is only a matter of time before Renault are made liable for this and any other accidents and they know this, hence the silence.

Once the steps above are followed and a fault can be proved to VOSA-not Renault, they will be accountable.

Just bear in mind that any coverage of this could reduce the value of all Twizys until a proper fix and modification is carried out across the board-no-one will buy a car that is known to crash. Mine was updated and a new pedal fitted after a long battle with customer services-but I had not crashed mine.

Renault need to take control of this NOW and bring all Twizys back in for an update, then issue a press release. We all know how dreadful they can be, this illustrates it well.

All the above a bit rushed, busy day, hope it assists

I have limited time to deal with this, but I am happy to provide the video and a signed statement

Someone, James? Roger? needs to contact VOSA in the first instance as this is a dangerous fault and they will take action and side with you

Just to point out I cannot video a sticking throttle as mine has **NOT **stuck yet!

Apologies-it was Lightly who said his was doing it but dealer visit was a long jaunt

Well if you don’t mind getting this sorted before I buy so the devaluation happens before I buy that would be great :wink:

Seriously though I’m yet to even have a test drive, and this is making me worried, so it’s already having an impact. I’m probably going to chance it and hope i don’t get a bad one, but expect other people to not to be so… daring (or is that foolish?).

I can confirm that’s correct in my experience. Pressing the brake does not overcome the mechanical resistance when the accelerator pedal doesn’t return to off. Interestingly mine has played up again today after weeks of being fine. I’m 99% sure its because its the first cold wet day in ages.

Unfortunately I can’t video mine as its off the road now, since Monday in fact. :frowning:
I can confirm that mine does stick, particularly after standing a couple of days, and more so when I leave it outside and the car gets frosted over or damp. I also don’t believe that pressing the brake overrides the throttle, I have had my brake on and still seen a bar of acceleration on the graph, and felt it carry on. This is the alarming issue, because the brakes and tyre grip are not great enough to overcome the issue if it stick on full power. I hate to post negatively about the little car, but it is definitely a serious issue.

This is the argument I had with Renault-it happens on very cold damp days only and their workshop is warm and dry so it will not happen in these conditions.
When I insisted that they left it outside in freezing temperatures before investigating for the second time, their stance went from “we cannot replicate the fault so cannot replace any parts” to “we have replaced the throttle assembly”

I believe that the software was updated on my first visit when they did not replace the pedal, as the brakes cancelled the throttle from then on.
Even so, the delay between:
a/ taking your foot off the throttle pedal and applying pressure to the brake pedal;
b/the time the throttle pedal sends signal to the throttle and deactivates it;
added together in a slippery road situation is enough to be dangerous. If the throttle does not get cancelled out, it is more so.

I do disagree that the brakes and tyres are not great enough to overcome the throttle though; if you stand on the brakes, they will stop the car with the throttle stuck down-it is more to do with unsettling the car and losing a second or two of your braking time during a crucial manoeuvre-which is long enough to go sideways in slippery conditions.

I think it would be best if those who are experiencing the issue contacted VOSA together as a collective. As it’s never happened to me, I would feel a bit of a wally making the first contact.

Obviously I’ll support the campaign to get this sorted out, but in between a full time job in London, running this website and organising my 3 month stay in Canada in the summer I really don’t have the time to sort this out. As I said though, more than happy to support this campaign by allowing this website to be used as evidence of problems and as a way of everybody keeping in touch on the issue.

I do agree it is a serious problem that needs sorting out, especially as next time it might be a person that somebody collides with. Then we really would have a big issue on our hands.

Likewise in a similar way, I am busy and have no vested interest, but will sort the vid clip* and offer a statement if needed.

*It is 60mb and email only allows 25mb capacity, but I only need the first few seconds-I don’t have a youtube account, trying to sort getting it over to Roger but not heard back from my earlier PM yet.

As said, just tell Renault you are now dealing with VOSA and go from there.

I don’t have a youtube account

That’s easily sorted, only takes seconds to set up :smiley:


Still waiting on Roger, not heard after last PM

I have PM’d you and sent a text… perhaps burn the Video onto DVD so that I can view or use it for a possible VOSA referral. I have had a quick look at the VOSA site which has a form to fill in with any evidence that can prove a fault exists. Renault has clearly thought this through and video’d the part to prove any protracted case developing around this issue. The video of it sticking is the only real evidence of the problem as a Dyno test as described by the Renault manager would be a bench test in a workshop. The VOSA form allows a description for why the part may have failed and the cause of the failure. It also allows me to decribe the risk that can be anticipated by failure of the part. How did you find out about the grease thickness and withdrawl of the recall notice regarding this part…

Apolgies to all on the forum who have happy Twizy motoring. I am not wanting to spread negativity or rubbish the car as EV is the way to go and Renault have been brave to put this car to market. I am very impressed with the Zoe too. I am concerned that the journey I was making is one I do every day with no problems with handling / power delivery / steering. I had previously experienced my throttle stick and have to put my toe under the accelerator to lift the throttle pedal up and engage the regen… this was a random event usually in a cold and damp journey with the car stood for a number of hours outside. I am not a poor driver as I have been driving for 25 years and have a maxium no-claims discount with no accidents and no points on my license. I have insurance and am not looking for compensation or injury pay out… I hope to bring some reassurance to owners new and old as I don’t want to loose money through devaluing the car’s safety credibility (Twizy did well against the aluminium lampost).

Likewise, I do not want to rubbish the car-but these issues are being dealt with poorly by Renault and unless they get sorted it will negatively affect all current Twizy owners, so I am resolutely not apologetic about posting on this matter.
If Renault had done the same test in freezing conditions, the fault would be apparent-advise them of this-I had to.
Bear in mind it is your car and not Renaults or the insurers, have it back and let VOSA test it in freezing conditions-that is if Renault have not swapped the part over or reprogrammed it already :wink:

I am on numerous forums and no longer have a Twizy, but I am trying to help with no benefit to myself.
Any way to quickly shorten the video from 33 seconds to about 10 so it fits on email? Other ideas apart from posting on youtube?
I have been working since 3.50am and have just got to sit down after sorting both kids while my wife works an opposite shift until late tonight, so an easy fix other than buying a disc and posting it would suit.



http://www.twizyowners.com/showthread.php/441-Throttle-issues?highlight=sticky see 07/01/13


Most throttle pedals have a return spring which is lubricated with grease, my educated guess is that this grease suits the Spanish climate, not ours and thickens in freezing weather-along with the door riser struts which also give in in cold weather as not set up for cold climate

Hope this helps

Try Dropbox to transfer the file nd make it available when ready.

It would be easy enough to set up a YouTube account but failing that just use http://Www.wetransfer.com. That has to be the easiest way to send a large file.

Just got a text tonight from Admiral… seems that they are OK with the Renault Quotation and have authorised the repair of my Twizy :D… hopefully, it won’t be too long before I am Twizy Motoring again yeah! I have sent Renault the video example of the sticking pedal but they cannot replicate this fault… so I will have to take the hit on the chin and make a third party claim that will appear on my next quote :’(