Just got my wheels back :)

Just got my widened wheels back from the fabricators. Pretty pleased with them. Next they will be powder coated mid metallic grey. Sourced the tyres, but that will have to be next month. Done an artist impression of what out should look like when they are in the car. I’m thinking Catetham, Westfield carbon arches :blush:


Any more details on those wheels ie width…cost ?

Stock steel rims modified by AC Fabrications. £50 per wheel (+ £25 return shipping). 8"rear, 7" front. Tyre combo will be Nankang 195/60/13 rear & 175/60/13 front. Predicted 2mph difference in speed @ 60mph with those tyres.


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I bet you bought them of a real decent chap Andy?

Yeah, top man :blush:

Thanks for the info Andy :+1: …they’ll look fantastic when they’re on the Twiz.