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Just had my Twizy delivered!

Bought a Twizy from a fellow member. He delivered it on the back of a trailer at 11.00 tonight and my wife and I have have been whizzing (twizzing?)up and down the road in it. Great fun!!! Just tucked it in for the night and covered it up with the Halfords Bike Hut thingy that I bought today.

Oh yeah, forgot to say, I’m 60 - anyone older than me on here?

Welcome to the forum Daddy :smiley:
i’am a young un (50)…
Hope you remembered to plug Twizy in! :lol:


33 here. Which member has got rid of their car?

It was me!
All the very best to Les and Jenny with their new purchase-they will have loads of fun with it.
After a day of valeting, some “fun” with Renault/HPI and a 420 mile delivery trip through the night returning home at 0550hrs this morning, my Twizy is in new hands.

Out of curiosity what’s the current resale value of Twizys at the moment? :wink:

Also will be sad to see you go mender, you’re currently the top poster on this site!

What are your plans and reason for selling?

PM sent to say thanks for the great site etc!

I am about to do a six country European trip in our 12 year old Tourneo and it needs some prep work, plus the time was right-it was fate for all concerned!

This excellent site brought Jenny & Les and I together and via pms we struck a deal and I got the battery hire and finance sorted and popped the Twizy on a small trailer behind a Discovery and dropped it off at midnight last night.

We are sad to see it go, especially my son :frowning: but know it has gone a good home. Essex residents will have a feast for their eyes and Les & Jenny will have great fun with it :cool:

So it seems Essex (along with Wales) is becoming a little hot bed for Twizys!

Good luck Geoff with the trip and thanks for all your posts and support of this forum.

Welcome to our newest Twizy owners, Les and Jen!!

Just bought my local dealer’s demonstrator, a 2012 1600 miles Technic with doors and windows for £5600. Taking delivery on the 11/3/13.
And I am 65!!


Good for you. Have fun - amazing price!!! Where are you?

I am in Milton Keynes. Have to say it took a bit of patience and persisitent haggling before I got it at that price. The dealer’s attitude was they didn’t have to sell (of course they have to, that’s their busniess). I went in on the 1/3/13 and said," Look, it’s another month and it’s also the new registration, the car would have lost another few hundred £s, so come on".
They eventually gave in and I got it at the price I want to pay.

Thats just typical. I was going to be in Leominster in April for a christening.