Just joined from Ipswch

I’ve been lurking as a reader for a few months now but finally joined and decided to introduce myself.

I hired a Twizy down in the New Forest in the summer on a lads camping weekend and we had a blast for the day so much so that I arranged a half day in our local dealer’s demonstrator a few weeks back to try it out with the other half.

I’m considering leasing one to use as the daily commuter car down to the train station which it seems ideally suited to. Just need to take the plunge and place an order - my finger keeps hovering over clicking send to arrange to go back into the dealers.

I have to say I’ve read reports of dealers not being interested in selling the Twizy, and I can’t yet speak of their aftersales and services, but Bristo’s in Ipswich have seemed very enthusiastic on the whole EV thing in my dealings so far.



Just go for it. My dealer contacted me about a new Renault but they will not get me out the Twizy for a while yet. Had mine for nearly 2.5 years now. Still love to drive it. It is used everyday to get to work and every chance I get at weekends.