Just Taking Delivery Of My New Twizy, Have a few questions

Excited to be taking in my Twizy in south of France and am looking to customize it quite a bit.

Will be taking it to a mod shop to install wheels and a wrap. Anybody know where to order nice right size alloys?

Another point is I bought the only car in stock which is without the parrot system.

  • I do want music and would appreciate good and loud quality.
  • Any tips, price range doesn’t really matter.

Thanks again guys.

i have installed a good system of alpine, hiding the module inside the twizy guts and placing the contoler face overheard. the speakers can not be very good quality wise. you will have to install a subwoofer to upgrade that sound.

se my thread of the only twizy in athens in this forum for ideas.

enjoy your T

Here’s an idea for you.

My son was throwing out his gaming chair. It runs off a 12v transformer so my mind started working overtime. 12v, stereo speakers, subwoofer in the seat, this has potential.

Even if I was buying this chair purely for the sound system, I’d still have a chair once I’d ripped the sound system out.

I had to reduce the subwoofer by 37mm to fit in the boot, but this wasn’t too difficult with a sharp saw and some wood glue.

The stereo speakers were a good fit for the existing housings in the roof.

After also securing the amplifier in the speaker housing, I fixed the control panel for easy access. The small box tucked into the roof is a Bluetooth receiver copied from elsewhere on this site. You will note that this has controls for the bass and volume (I didn’t think the vibration unit was worth transferring across).

I can now either Bluetooth internet radio or stream tunes from my mobile phone, all for less than £120 (well less than £30 when you think that I got the chair for nothing).

You will need a cigarette lighter splitter, an extension cable, some speaker cable, a Bluetooth receiver and a cigarette lighter plug to complete the installation.

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Neat!!! I fear for the poor little 12V battery though!

Thanks @K22MDL

My OVMS used to drain it in two days if I didn’t use it in that time. I chose to unplug the OVMS as it doesn’t need to be continuously plugged in once a program is loaded. To date there hasn’t been a problem with the speaker system. I was thinking of upgrading the 12v to a Lithium, but haven’t fully investigated the possibilities.

Awesome! And I saw you installed rims. Would any 13" rim fit?

No. I installed adapters for 4x100 bolt pattern rims and then used 15" rims

There are not really any rim alternative for the Twizy bolt pattern

I am not wholly sure, but I think the Smart car wheels may be similar. See this link.

There may be other people on this site that can confirm or dispel.



Smart wheel has a different bolt pattern.
You will still need an adapter

I should have known Alex “the man of many wheels” would know the answer. I bow to your knowledge sir👍.

I cheated, buying the wheels, tyres and spacers as a set from Ministromer. The fenders were not to my liking though.

I find the stock smart very bad for the Twizy. Unless you find the smart crossblade wheels. Those are cool. Then you will have to go with a smaller profile than smart cause it will look like a handicap vehicle:p

But buy two rear wheels. The front smart wheel offset is too small and it will extrude the wheels too much

I appreciate all the help, would you mind sending me a quick imessage at 6478506040 if you wouldn’t mind answering a few of my questions. Young kid and really new to a lot of this. Thanks again