Kalimera from Athens Greece

Cheers from Mythos land,
Got my Twizy a mont ago from Germany (under Renault Germnay battery lease) and reigistered it in greece.

So far I am THE ONLY twizy owner in my counrty and Renault Greece does not sell any of the Z.E. cars in the Greek Market.

So I hauled it down to greece afew weeks back and I am currently "pimping it’ ot my taste.

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Currently removed the renault struts and replaced them with 80Kg lifitng power struts as the origional 60Kg we too lazy lifters with the windows on.

Also bought a set of 15X 6.5J along with 165/45/15 tires for it.
Had custom made spaceds from 3 bolt to 4X100 bolt patern made, Let the rims refurbished
here is the preview

The door frame panels are now removed and will be painted matt titanium, Few components will be coverd with 3M carbon look like the renault emblem, the “twizy” text and the door sills.

Finally I’ll add remote door poppers, my own DeLorean window design, halo day lights/turn signals, Renault Megane RS steering with D/N/R and horn on the existing buttons.

Too much? Sorry lads. When a “car” enters my garage, I enjoy living it up. My last project was a 22 month frame off DeLorean restauration so I need some action. Looking forward to your ideas, hints, tips and i contributing in your community.


congratulations i think your twizy is going to a very special car, it is ideal for warm/hot countries i hope you enjoy it and keep us posted on your improvements. cars are a personal thing and i keep mine standard but other cars in my collection are changed to my taste.
nearly forgot welcome to the forum

Welcome Alex.
Wow!! It’s going to be the most special “car” in Greece, as if it’s not already, being the only Twizy. :open_mouth:
Yeah, keep us posted with your progress. With plenty of photos, please. Thanks

Cheers Peter
I agree the stock Twizy looks awesome if it weren’t for that bid ass Renault badge front and back. My Twizy came with several aesthetic issues so since I have to pick them up, I am going with a few mods;)

You betcha! If anything I will bust your nutsacks with photos! I love doing it and on my previous Delorean restoration, my threads had over 70 pages of posts and over 600 images! I am telling you, I got them bored! Haha
Btw, the admin, James, sent me an automated message of forum rules. I noticed he has a Delorean avatar. Is he an owner or a fan?
My “BATTERY ACCESS” avatar is also a Delorean label from the cover behind the passenger seat.

James if you are reading this, I am VIN 5992 from Athens you may have read about on dmctalk and Deloreaneurotech :wink: unfortunately I sold it ow to a guy in Valencia Spain. Btw! This is by far the best forum platform I have ever visited!!! Congrats!!

Sounds a great project - looking forward to you sharing the pictures and details, I imagine a few on here will want to do some of the same things once they are seen in the flesh

Might be a bit difficult unless we Twiz over to Greece :open_mouth:

Hi Alex, welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately I’m just a DeLorean fan, I’ve never owned one. More specifically, I’m a massive Back to the Future fan haha.

Your car looks like it will be very special indeed. I look forward to the 600 photos! :wink:

Aces James! Then you are right up my alley! I am one of the 4 people worldwide who creates Bttf props. I have helped build 15 time machines around the world.
Example of my work:

In fact all of the Delorean time machine parts sold right now on eBay are mine;) (ALEXAKOS)
If you need something et me know;)
Hope one day you get to own a Delorean… Although it’s s very crapy car! Haha

Yes that would be awesome!! Come on down to Greece for a Twizy meet;)
In fact there is one German who brings his Twizy every year to lefkada island.

Haha sorry I meant the pics

Love the BTTF stuff, last year we had a massive event with Secret Cinema where they brought it to life, probably with some of your props, was an amazing experience

Yes that time machine belongs to Steven. We have traded some parts. There are still 2 other time machines with my stuff on in the UK. Love making em.

In with the show…
James asked for images… here you go!!

current state

polished front windows as shown on anoher thread of mine.

Glued up some clips

picked up painted parts

Color is off an Audi Allroad matt Coal gray

The Renault badges will be warped with 3M foil as Carbon fibre

Finally I picked up that damn front hood weaknesses
First the clip

next i’ll be making my own hinges :wink:

Very Nice! :smiley:
The bigger wheels should help the ride and it will also change the gearing so it will go faster if theres enough power.
If you added the Tuning Power Box available from Kenneth it would raise the tuned Top speed of 70mph even further!


Just ran my theory through a Gearing Calculator.
If the car can do 70mph with the Tuned Box, adding the 15" wheels should increase the top speed to 80mph :smiley:


Cheers Andy!
Yes the Powerbox is in my plans. I have s few hills with high speed Traffic and I need some more juice to roll safely with the rest.

Actually the wheel won’t be that much of a difference.
15 inches will have 40 millimeter tyres on it as opposed to the stock 80 millimeter tyre.

If my calculations are correct
The stock tyre is in total 38cm diameter and the replacements are 42 cm.
Plus the bigger tyres are heavier and create more friction.

So I defo need a powerpox to begin with.

Just recalculated the gearing and you are definitely going to need the Power Box.
The 15" wheels with a 45 profile will knock the standard Twizys top speed down from 52mph to 45mph.
With a Power Box it should take the top speed up to 60mph approx. ( I think…) :smile:


Bullox! I should have expected such a back draw. hahaha
Spending money juts helps speding some more.

for the help andy:)

Yesterday I installed my high power door struts along with the actuators for remote opening.

Also made a ZE vinyl decal for the front plug hood.

As well as Twizy Sport Vinyl in charcoal gray and silver for the doors

I’ll be selling those parts on eBay so if someone is interested DO NOT BUY EM THERE. Get them directly from me HALF price!! Cheers