Does anyone know if Kenneth is OK? Sent him a few emails over the past 2 weeks but heard no response. Not sure if he is busy?


Hi @Rowan83 I’m ok and I have just had a lot to do with finalizing Powerbox v2. but I always try to answer all the emails I get but it happens unfortunately that there are a few I do not see.

But I see I have answered your last email I received from you for a couple of days ago :slight_smile:

Good evening Kenneth,

I have checked my emails but can’t see any reply from yourself, strange! Could you re-send? :slight_smile:

Of course. it now done :-), and you also have links to the files here.

USB driver


Hi Kenneth,

Is the V2 also for the new models, after 2016?

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Sorry but no it is not. But if we ever get to tuned the new Twizy firmware then this will be available on all Powerbox

All new Twizy being sold in Norway is still the old version. I tuned one today that was bought brand new for 3 days ago. no problem :slight_smile: but this is only because all Twizy being sold in Norway was imported to Norway before the new firmware came. Which is very good for us Norwegian :slight_smile: . so if there is someone who will buy a new Twizy and want to tune it, so buy it in Norway :slight_smile:

And then even a battery can be bought with it?!

Yes battery can be bought so no rent :slight_smile:


I’m new user @ this forum and can not find how to get in contact with you Kenneth to order a Power Box for my Twizy.
Do you have a website or an e-mail?

Many thanks
Simon, Stockholm in Sweden

Hi @Simon just send me a e-mail to [email protected]

By the way, I see you found in me on facebook :-))))

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Hi Kenneth,
Are you close to Stavanger?
I am planning to buy a new one of the production that come next year. The dealer “Motorforum” said that all previous Twizy`s are sold out in Norway so I have to buy a new one.
They will start production of the 2018/2019 modell in february with delivery late march or early april.

then I wonder if you think you can make a tunekit on it or do you think that will be harder then the first one you made.
I actualy kind a saw the powerbox as a must if I should buy one.

Pål i Sandnes

Hei Pål jeg er nok redd for at hvis du vil tune en Twizy så må du nok kjøpe den brukt. De nye modellene kan ikke bli tunet og om det vil bli mulig i fremtiden er jeg veldig usikker på. De kan Tunes men da ikke uten å miste garantien og prosesen er litt mer omfattende og kan ikke reverseres siden det innebærer bytting av firmwaren. Renault har en spesialaget firmware på den og dette kan byttes ut med en offentlig firmware fra sevcon men det er i dag ingen som har tilgang til Renault sin firmware så den kan da ikke legges tilbake. bilen kan tunes ned igjen men Motor forum vil da muligens kunne se at du ikke har original firmwaren på den og du vil da miste garantien.

Jeg holder til forøvrig i Kristiansand :slight_smile: