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Lack of heater a problem?

The Twizy seems like an ideal second car for us, we do a lot of 5 mile each way journeys into town, frequently on our own, and the Twizy seems like the most sensibly priced electric car produced so far. However one thing is putting me off, the total lack of any kind of heating. I understand that providing a heater would be pointless in a car with no doors or windows - and would drain the battery - but I would intend on getting one with doors, and 3rd party windows, to allow me to use it in all weathers. But the idea of getting into a freezing cold car, which then never warms up, is a bit off-putting.

What do you existing owners do to offset this now the weather is getting worse?

Are rechargeable seat heaters available? Or do you just wrap up?



Hi Karl and welcome

A much discussed area and there are a few threads about heated jackets etc.
The 12v socket is only 65w rated, but the jackets use a power pack like a drill.

A few things from my experience driving a Technic with extended flaps and doors but no windows or deflectors:
The Twizy is aerodynamically designed so that the driver stays out of the wind and keeps surprisingly dry-at 53mph, you get a light draught over the top of your hands and back of your neck, but the rear passenger gets the full force of the elements without windows fitted.

For just the driver, a five mile drive in outside clothes (fleece or coat over normal clothes, plus hat and gloves) is absolutely fine-I even find gloves overkill most of the time.

The Twizy was designed without windows for European legislation of vehicle type and also to reduce the weight and need for a heater. In my experience, it works well as it is and the windows would cause problems; as sold with doors you can jump in on a cold day, press the heated screen button, clear it and off you go-as long as you wear the clothes that would be appropriate for walking around in whatever weather you are in, you are comfortable.

However, windows improve security, prevent water getting in when parked and give the rear passenger a more comfortable ride. I use a teatowel to wipe any wet bits down and prefer not to have windows as they will steam/mist/freeze up-the only problem I find is the seatbelt can get wet in heavy rain when parked-that’s it!

Best thing to do would be to demo one for the journeys you will use and determine whether it suits you or not. We use ours in all weathers in a rural area, on school runs, weekly shops, business use etc and do not want windows now (we may fit the rear deflectors one day). We just wear appropriate clothes and avoid 40 mile journeys with a rear passenger in very heavy rain or freezing conditions. A benefit of this is being in the right clothes to walk around when you get there and the ability to take off almost instantly when everyone else is faffing clearing windows-you are at your destination by then :lol:

In context, our 4 year old gets wetter and colder walking the 200yds from the Twizy into the school door than on the hideously wet, muddy and exposed school run :slight_smile:

Find an interested ZE dealer and have a go. A decent coat, hat and gloves does not cost much!

Thanks for the quick response. I think I’ll go round the local dealers today and have a look, it’s raining at the moment so it seems an ideal time to test one :slight_smile:

Another thought, without windows how does anyone with glasses cope? Do they get rain on them?

Good question, once in the driver’s seat you stay pretty dry-the only thing would be in a really strong side wind when stationary in traffic? You could wear a peaked hat if it was a problem. Great idea to test it in the rain-if soaking, dry the door arch tops and tops of the doors before setting off so drips do not blow onto you.

Have fun!

Hi Karl, Some would say I have a vested interest but i find that my windows are now on 100% of the time even in the dry, purely as its much warmer with no direct breezes. Windows, a down jacket and light gloves and I’d say just as much fun as summer time for commuting !


I have been using my BMW motorbike this week due to temporary traffic lights on my regular commute and a huge congestion problem.
I have to say the bike is way warmer than the Twizy, the heated grips, great screen and big fuel tank all help to keep you warm, and the heat off the engine is really noticeable.
I got stuck in Traffic in the Twizy yesterday (went to collect parts) and i was absolutely freezing.

Wot no BMW heated seat? :lol:
Know what you mean, but I still prefer the Twizy in the cold myself-if one wheel lets go, you go home and not to hospital :wink:

Have you tried the lard diet?

I have to admit in the cold weather I miss putting my hands down onto the engine at traffic lights! :slight_smile:

However, because I was lucky and went to the arctic last winter, I have some really rather good winter gloves, consisting of a strong inner pair (think regular UK gloves) and a thicker outside pair…

That, combined with a ski-jacket – or my motorcycle jacket – keeps me warm.

The worst bit? My toes. And if my toes get cold, I get cold.

I’m planing on getting both Renault’s aftermarket windows and the little quarter windows produced by twizy-folien.

In addition, I’m contemplating getting a little 12V, 300W heater, which should help keep the cold off…(Provided I find a 12V source to run it on because the accessory port can’t provide that kind of power)


What about getting some heated boots or insoles?

Re: 300w, don’t forget the socket is only 65w :slight_smile:

Down to Zero today, so for the first time I have had to wear my Motorbike jacket. Usual light weight suit trousers and some thin gloves and hat and I was perfectly warm for my commute. Despite initially looking at heated gloves and jackets, I’m not sure I’ll bother, never had then when I commuted on the motor bike through the winter.

Agree: I just add fleece jacket, plus hat and gloves if going over 30mph. Much better than the bike!

I’m going to try heating a large stone in my fire, wrap it in blankets and sit it on the back seat and belt it in …if it worked to keep me warm camping last week it might work for my car :lol:

PS. Minus 6 this morning and hoping Renault tell me i can pick up the Twizy so I can slide it round the local car park for handling practice.

With or without the heating ballast stone?:smiley:

I can’t wait to expand my handling practice to snow/ice on a local car park. Best way to learn.

Oh definately with…I should look like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFcGm6NYayI

You could the penguins as cones :smiley:

Well I went to the Renault garage in Lincoln and arranged a test drive for next Monday. Apparently they don’t keep their Twizy charged up! They seemed pretty knowledgable and mentioned the Zoe was available for preorder. So I preordered one! Not sure about the Twizy now but I’ll make my mind up after Monday

You ordered a ZOE or Twizy? Or making the choice on Monday?
Our Twizy is great, really like the ZOE but not enough space for one-would be interested to hear what one is like though.

Ordered a Zoe. For the price the spec is amazing. It has pretty much everything my Lexus GS has. The Twizy decision will wait till after I’ve driven it, though not sure whether a Zoe and Twizy two car setup is ok for us. I do very few long journeys but it is nice to know you are going to get there when you do have to make a longer journey!

I think the ZOE is amazing for the money too-it blows the other new-tech stuff into the weeds.

The Twizy is not a car and does not do the job of a normal car; but it does a great deal of jobs that a car will do and is much better at certain things than a car is; if you see it really as a plush four wheeled scooter with a limited range and some weather protection it makes a lot of sense for a huge amount of journeys.

Our set up of a big diesel family car and the Twizy is great; they are like yin and yang and have opposite strengths and weaknesses (size, range etc). Nipping to the shops is a breeze in the Twizy and traversing Europe with the extended family is easy in the Tourneo. It is a much better solution than two normal five seat cars as we get cheaper local runs and much better flexibility with an 8 seater than with a five seater.

We could not cope with a ZOE and a Twizy as the complete transport solution though as there is no long range option; we find the Twizy is extremely useful and usable day to day-but we need long range ability too.

Let us know how you get on-great to hear your news.