Lack of regen

Hey guys. I’m still worried about the lack of regen on my twizy. The regen isn’t kicking in u til around 6 miles from home. The Renault tech says that this is ok, but I find it frustrating, as you can’t improve on the range any from the get go. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any battery conditioning after it’s fully charged. I just switches off when it get to 100%, whereas my old one used to run on for quite a while after. Again the Renault tech says this is ok, but when I check to see how much charge is in the battery, it reads 97%. Does this. Happen with anyone else’s twizy?

Until there is battery capacity spare Regen will not cut in. Obvious really as where would it store it? But it took abit of getting used to as my house it on top of a hill and I use that regen to slow down but not when fully charged.

97% sounds about right for a used Twizy. Mine is over 4.5 years only 12,800 miles but reads 97% when reconnected. However I have the older charger that runs on for hours after 100%.

The other key point is, I have found it is possible to run the Twizy without full regen! For full regen turn the Twizy key all the way and wait for the SERV light to go out before letting go of the key. If I do not wait (about 10secs) then I do not appear to get the full regen. It still displays on the dash but doesn’t slow car or put charge back into battery.

I will try this osbrook. Thanks.

Didn’t know about the full regen by keeping the key all the way down for longer before releasing… must try it.

Does it actually increase the regen power / more energy back into the battery?


No I doubt it.