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Lamposts converted to charge points?

hi all
I was jogging the other day and thinking about how we get more charge points out there … and i suddenly thought why dont the council put sockets on all the lamposts ?

even if the volatage wasnt super high it would still help a lot of us if we could plug in more often :slight_smile:

i live in a flat so its a real pain but if each street had a few of these babies i’d be good

thoughts ?

Currently (see what I did there?) I think street lamps tend to be switched in groups, and may only be live when it’s dark. I suspect that there might be an issue with the total load that a grown-up charge point would draw, and although that wouldn’t bother the Twizy, there is the much reported concern about the safety of having live 13A sockets on public roads. Obviously, a lot of street lamps are not in suitable places for extensive parking, but it would be nice if there were even more parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles on public roads, so that Nikki could complain about ICE cars parking in them! :smile:

There is a project in Edinburgh that wants to put PV panels on street lights, if only because they are already grid-connected. If that ever gets off the ground, maybe they could also be charge points for future EV’s, perhaps using the safer induction charging we can expect by then!

In my area, all lampposts are live 24/7. Each has an integral sensor which inhibits operation, but the idea itself is flawed. There is no way a draw of 13/16/32 amps would be tolerated on the circuit.