Last free/4th year service

Been away for a month, so glad to be back.
While I was away I arranged for my dealer/garage to collect/deliver my Twizy for its last free/4th year service. I gave specific instructions for them to check the brakes but not to do them, check and see if gearbox oil needed changing, and check intermittent hazard warning light.
Well, brakes are still OK but getting borderline (11000 miles on the clock), oil doesn’t need changing, and hazard warning light switch needed replacing, under warranty.
The idiots left the hazard warning light switch in the on position (probably not knowing it) and it drained the 12V. My Twizy was dead. But after a charge through the night, it worked again!!
I must have been lucky with my Twizy, after hearing all the troubles some of you guys have with the brakes, gearbox oil and 12V. I shouldn’t have said it. I am really tempting fate.
Would be interesting to see how much future service will cost now that the free period is over. Actually the new Twizys don’t come with 4 year free service anymore.

Got my 4th service coming up in May.

On the list, fourth replacement of hazard light switch, 12V accessory battery depleted and replacement stalk for the heated front screen which turns on and off at will resulting in the flat 12V accessory battery.

Just under 6000 miles on my twizy.

Just had my Twizy MOT’d. Passed with no advisory. 4 years old with 11000 miles on the clock. Still on original brake discs and pads, but with new tyres.

looks like I booked too late , Renault won’t honor the last free service.

so the 12V battery will be changed by myself and also do the gearbox oil change.

Sorry to hear that. That was the reason why I had mine done when I was away, because by the time I got back it would have just passed the 4th year.

Does anyone know how much services are yet?

Mine was a 64 plate and didn’t come with free servicing. I think it was around £60/70 for first one.

my local renault garage quoted me just under 200 pounds to do the 4th service.

I’d like to know what they do for that £200.

One of the manuals (may be the Android one) has a service card in it. To stretch it out it includes checking if all tyres have valve caps :smile:

But it does show by distance what needs to be checked and changed.

There isn’t much on a Twizy - Brake fluid and gear box oil. Unless you count washer bottle water.
Most is just inspection checks. Possibly so they can find something to charge you for!:grin:

Kes I thought they all come with 4 years warranty & free servicing?

Has that changed?

I think the newer ones came without free servicing, mine is a 64 plate and had to pay for service.

Yep mine’s a 64 plate too; the only way they’d give me the 4+ is if I bought the car on a finance deal. Still comes with the same warranty cover, but servicing’s not included.

The dealer/garage fitted the new hazard warning switch today, free, under warranty.
It’s working perfectly now. Wonder how how long it will carry on like that.

Haha, 12 months, maybe!? Stupid switch… Stupid Renault… Glad it’s working though! :smile:

Hey kes. I thought you’d got rid of yours. Haven’t seen you about for a while! I’m still using mine every day for work. Still loving it. Was thinking about selling it, but have now decided to get rid of one of my smart cars (I have three!!) and my Mercedes. Couldn’t part with LE twiz now!

My Twizy had its 4th service last week, the final free service in the 4 plus scheme. It’s only done 4200 miles since new and everything on it is still original including the tyres and brakes. It hasn’t had any faults at all since new but it has been garaged every night.