Latest addition/edition to the family

I have been lurking on this forum for a few weeks and been amazed at the amount of knowledgable, helpful people contributing to it,
After a slight hiccup where an HPI showed the first Twizy I looked at to have been written off in Nov 2018, I found one a bit closer to home and trailered her back last Tuesday


Concratuations on the new cat, bad time of tje year to really enjoy the Twizy.
Can we ask back to where?

Thanks. Just outside Winchester to Cranleigh, a bit too far (60+ miles) without a top up so we weren’t going to risk it but we’ve already clocked up over 30 miles in 2 days.I’ve already had the predictable jokes about go karts, golf buggies quad bikes and mobility scooters but I’ve never driven anything remotely close to a Twizy.,even 35mph on my electric bike isn’t quite in the same league.
I was going to put some photos up but I’m not very computer savvy so if someone could point me in the right direction please I’d be grateful. Apple, iPad, safari

Nice one, I have a Zoe but would love a Twizy!!

Wow regarding the written off one - was that just offered for sale like a normal Twizy? Dodged a bullet there?


Hi Gary - yes, the seller purported to know nothing about it until I discovered it by doing an HPI. Best £8.99 I’ve ever spent!. He bought it on a whim , didn’t do any checks and is now in a real tangle. I was initially interested because it was advertised as ‘ battery owned’ but despite the previous buyer having bought it back from the insurance company as a Category N write off, mending it and selling it on without disclosing its history, the battery finance was never resolved and that was also flagged up on the HPI too.
I left well alone but did get all my deposit back without any problem.


And here she is on her first charge after I’d unloaded her from the trailer