Latest addition to the fleet

So i’ve made a few posts on here over the last year I think… always fancied a Twizy… purchased one from here last week and picked it up earlier today from the garage (needed a new 12v battery)…

I extended the paving in front of the garden gate last year just in case I bought a Twizy… seems to have paid off! The Golf will go behind the garage door once I sell my other car…

Main reason for getting a Twizy is a change of job requiring me to commute… so it’s for to/fro the station… and hopefully getting free parking with the motorbikes…

Thoughts so far:

  • Ride is extremely harsh, not sure why, but will look at dampers/spring rates (curious what Sterling Moss’ one has changed)
  • Brakes are pretty poor, but I am used to servo-assisted…
  • Saw 47mph I think max on a flat surface (I am a FB so not surprised)
  • Full charge it showed 31 miles left on the gauge. I took a convoluted route of about 27-28 miles with some pretty steep hills involved and it’s showing about 1/3 left on the battery and 10-12 miles remaining. Is this typical? The eco meter thing shows four squares - not sure if that’s good or bad.

Things to do:

  • There’s a plastic thingy missing from one of the door latches causing the door to rattle - need to source a new one (anyone? will try Renault of course)
  • Remove some of the decals (was a demo vehicle originally)
  • Remove front plate
  • Rebuild brake calipers to stop rubbing
  • Look at the ride quality as above (i’m a bit of a car nerd, but this is a low priority)
  • Maybe install some speakers (I have a spare Parrot box somewhere)
  • Install an external power socket for charging (there is one behind garage door but a bit too far away)

Looking forward to many happy Twizy miles :slight_smile:


Just wonder where you are based. My local Renault dealer had a demo Twizy wrapped just like yours a little while ago.
Wouldn’t worry too much about the hard ride. That was one of my initial impressions when I first got the Twizy. The other was the loud whine. Both you will get use to. But check your tyre pressure. Too high will certainly give you a very hard ride.
Enjoy. Nicer weather is coming soon :relaxed:

I believe it was a demonstrator back in 2012 in Brighton. I’m based in Essex but purchased the car from Sunderland (had it transported down, not driven!!).

Tyres are running top end of the typical pressure range for economy, however due to the short journeys i’ll be doing I may drop them a bit and see if the ride improves noticeably.

It’s not the same one then. The local dealer’s one was new last year.

Fixed the door striker, unfortunately you can’t just buy the plastic part and have to buy the whole assembly. £55!! Ouch. Oh well. Got a spare now.

My heated windscreen came on by itself the other day and didn’t switch off after 10 seconds. Not sure why or what. I’ll keep an eye on it.

I’m an fb too, but I get 52 no probs. (I’m 25 stone!)

Out of interest, what’s your typical usage and range?

23.5 mile round trip every day, normal range at this time of year is about 40 ish. Seed ranges from 30- 50-30-40-30.

Fair enough, thanks. I’ve done a couple of 20-30 mile round trips so far, mixed use with some hills. I do try and use the regen as much as possible though without someone hitting me up the 'arris.

I’d like to brave it on a NSL dual carriageway flat out to see what the range is like but frankly i’m terrified a lorry will obliterate me :wink:

I have a similar issue with my heated windscreen switch. With the switch in the off position if I flick the wipers the heated screen will switch on, if I just wiggle the end of the stalk it goes off again. I think like the hazard switches which fail regularly the switch gear isn’t up to being left out in the open all the time. I’ve got until May before my warranty runs out so I’ll hopefully get it replaced before then.

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Thanks, this is interesting. The manual i’ve got is a bit poor - the stalk seems to have three positions for the heated windscreen - on, off (0?) and then some kind of no-mans land. Any advice on how this works?

It’s Renault making use of what they have in the parts bin I think. If you look at a Renault Clio stalk it looks the same with the 3 positions. 1 is off the 2nd is rear wipe and the 3rd rear wash. I think they have used the same switch and only use the 2 positions and have it printed differently. Here’s an example off e-bay

Seems plausible. So position zero does nothing?

Inspected brakes, no binding, will live with the noise. Removed some of the marketing decals but kept the lightning bolts… for now!

The stalks and the hazard pushbutton are not weatherproof. In the end you have to replace them.

Clean the brakes regularly (two-weekly) with the pressure washer. Remove the wheels two times a year and overhaul the brakes by removing all the sludge which does bind the brake pads in their travel around the guiding pins. Clean the surface of the brakecylinder too. It helps.

The ride will be softer by exchanging the rubbers. Search for it. But as said, when you don’t change a thing you’ll get used to it.

The ride will be a lot softer by removing the stabilizers. But at the same time you enter the illegal zone.

And Sir Stirling Moss made the shocks of his T stiffer, not weaker.

From what i’ve read either the bump or rebound was increased (although not sure to what curve) however the most important change was the type of bump stop - to a longer and more progressive one. This should result in a softer ride :slight_smile:

Ok next…

OVMS purchased from Pete on here. Will give it a bit of a whiz as I’m a nerd.

May install a solar panel/charger to ensure the 12v battery doesn’t go flat with OVMS connected.

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Another useful link here .

Dexter is one of the programming gurus for the OVMS unit.


So just a little update… my Twizy journey… relating back to the points in my first post above and some new things…

  • Haven’t looked too hard into the ride quality yet
  • Brakes are awful but will be MOT’ing it next week and measure the brake performance on the rollers
  • Confirmed it hits the limiter at 51/52mph quite happily on flat/downhill roads
  • With care, it seems like it’ll do 40 miles of mixed driving (30-50mph)

Things i’ve done…

  • Fixed door latch
  • Tried to fix window brackets and failed (bit of plastic is snapped inside door to mount) - not using windows for the time being
  • Some decals removed :slight_smile:
  • Had the wheels off to check the brakes - no binding but still a rubbing noise - needs further investigation
  • Started to look at speakers/parrot for the roof
  • Obtained OVMS - not yet installed - considering a solar panel on roof to maintain 12v battery with OVMS connected perm
  • Refreshed gearbox fluid with some Miller Nano-something 75-90w (any benefit would be purely placebo - previous oil only had 800 miles on it from new!)

To do:

  • OVMS/Solar
  • Get a cover made now not using windows (friend is an upholsterer)
  • Fix heated windscreen switch/lever (will most likely just install a switch/button somewhere)
  • Replace wiper - 5 years old, rubber’s gone hard

… and give it a good clean!!

It’s a great toy…

MOTd it over the weekend. Passed with flying colours. Bizarrely it’d never been MOTd before, missing two. Most likely due to the fact you don’t need tax so nobody ever asks for an MOT. Lucky the previous owner didn’t get pulled over - could have ended up in hot water!