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Lease mileage

Does everyone just go for the top mileage option over the three years for the battery lease ? How does a Twizy come to the end of the lease with the keeper owning the batteries ?

Nope bottom price over 3 years, if after you sell the Twizy still over pay the excess. If they check!

They never check mileage while you are the owner unless there is a battery issue.

The rental never comes to an end - Tht is until the parts are no longer available fr Renault to fix and then they end the rental!

Has anyone ever asked to end their lease and buy the battery in the UK? I might try, as I don’t want to continue paying rental. If I can’t buy mine back, I would consider letting Renault remove it (if indeed any dealers are geared up for this) and buy one of Kenneth’s own slightly larger specials. Has anyone got first-hand experience of dealing with RCI on this please?

I don’t pay rental anymore. Anyone interested can pm me for details.

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so according to RCI in the UK and i say UK as other counties have diffrent rule, you can not own the battery (though there description of battery is vauge) not only can you not own the battery, even though on the twizy part list some of the battery parts are list, in fact apart from the cellsa all parts. you can not buy or order any of the said part in the UK. Again other counties you can buy all parts accept the cell pack.
deal with RCI Electric department is a pain and a total waste of time, as not only will they not give straight answers, that is when they can be bothered to answer. most of the time they say its not up to them its Renault France who make the rules.
as we deal with Renualt UK who always refer you to RCI, stateing the battery is nothing to do with them, then your stuck unless someone can find away to raise the issue with Renualt Fance. i asked a few questions but nver got a straigh answer or no answer at all.
if i dont return at the end of the lease what happens, do i have to pay the insurance value, all i got was no thats only if the battery is classed as a total loss to them. so i asked if i dont return it then does that not mean thats a total loss to them. no you have to return as you cant own the battery. but got no where really.
i also asked for a defintion of what they own, as theres little info, in the renault parts list, apart from the cells, all other parts are listed, the BMS board is an ECU. as you can guess they never replied to me.
real shame that the battery lease and RCI let Renult down so badly as its a great little car.

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i tried a few years to back to buy from rci , its never going to happen deal , almost took the battery out and returned it , went through the motions but they still didn’t budge.

few guys have built on here , maybe we should get on to them to crowd fund a replacement for us.

i had hopes of a battery from Robert Murray-Smith but he’s gone all big business and his twizy kit has gone quiet.

lots of us here we need to pull together to get a result with RCI or get a replacement battery sorted.

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the problem is, there is a guy who can do a replacment, but he’s not in the UK witch is an issue, the pack is not that cheap. you can build your won, but theres a big issue, you can fit a bms board, but theres a bus controler that commuicates with the car, that very few people can deal with or sort. and this is not being nasty in any way, but the few who can deal with that dont want to sell you that part as they want to build battery packs to sell. and you cant blame them. the only real way i think is if you canbuy the BMS or ECU then you can build your own, but they wont sell it in the UK and i think is around 1200 just for that part.

what we really need is detail of the highest person in renault, who can deal with the lease battery problem, get himor her to see sense on how big a problem this is to EV buyers and the sales and residual value its costing on renault EVs. but would they really care about the fack of charging a Renault custermer £50 a month for a 6 year old battery that is only insuranv#ce valued at £1400 is day light robbery.

it boils down to this for me, i’m just alittle Guy nobody really, but i dont like being bullied or held over a barrel by anyone. thats what i think RCI and Renault EV are doing, dueing the war it would be called racateering, over inflating a price due to buyer having no other choice. so i had to take a 12 month lease as the garge wouldnt sell the car unless i did.
at the end of the 12 months i will not renew no matter what, i will if things havnt changed, remove the cell pack and offer to return it, ive asked what will happen if i do this but had no reponse. so we will just have to wait and see, i would love to buy the battery and even at 6 years old would pay the value but they all sorts of clauses to bill you if they decide to but none with a simple option to buy.

real shame.

should of added, i was also told by RCI electric that most renault EV owners dont want to own the battery and most find it better value and peace of mind to lease.

though never got any responce on why neally all other EV cars now have owned batteries,

Renault don’t like to pull your own battery back , they want to disable your bms at the garage so you cannot put another battery pack in.

If you pull the battery pack you have to pay for it to be sent back to france to be checked over before they agree to let you off the lease, last time i checked it was over 200 quid , hazarous cargo to get transported and back then renault didn’t want to help if i did the removal myself.

RCI told me £3000 TO return. But I will pay the 200 for the cell pack. And as to letting you off the less. Well they have no choice as when you lease ends it’s no longer up to them weather you renew. I would guess under law if you don’t follow there terms the worsed they can do is bill you the value. But again they won’t answer that question. Most people will either back down and feel they have no other choice but to pay the lease, sell the car, or return to renault to have the battery removed. Though never herd of anyone doing the latter. I wonder if any one has. I’m not renewing my lease. I’m not letting renault mess with the car. So will remove the cells and return them. But only if I get written agreement from RCI that once that’s done that’s the end of any dealings with them.

for sure they won’t make it easy , thats why i think we have power as a group of battery owners if we all act together.

like i said before i’ve paid six years so the pack well paid for.

Worst people ever to deal with. I wrote them 3 letters over 6 month period - all sent recorded delivery and all ignored. My lease was automatically renewed with out my knowledge and the £ 45 was deducted from my bank without warning.

I now seem to be in a never ending lease for the rest of my life. How do they get away with such an unfair lease ?

I’ve had my Twizy for nearly 7 weeks now and still haven’t managed to transfer the lease, despite contacting RCI via email and telephone.

I can only assume the previous owner hasn’t cancelled his payment.

It does worry me how I will go on when I eventually sell the Twizy. I certainly wouldn’t like to to go without the lease being sorted!

so bit of a daft question, how can they do that if you dont re sign a new agreement, just cancel the direct debit, sorted though you could end up loosing the battery.

there was a problem, with my bank details and they warned if i didnt sort it out i would be billed for any late payment from the date i got the car. but peter-ss, as like everything with RCI they protect there money and its upto the previous owner to sort out the new lease, if they dont there liable for the bill.

i wonder if you sell the car, at the end of your less agreement and dont get new owner details on the less what RCI would or could do, your less has lapsed so not really in an agreement. again you would think in this case they would bill you for the loss of the battery. but they would say no you cant pay for the battery so what would happen.

they wont give any info on what happens if you dont return the battery at all, another way of keeping you in a lease. i have to wonder how many uk twizys there are with owners how want out of the lease.

your wasteing your time that part of RCI are T------s and they wont entertain you. they will say no. if you end early then they will bill you. also at your normal end you have to take the car to where they say and they will pay to remove the battery.

i have asked them a number of questions and you carnt even get a straight answer from them, all the do is repeat them selves or blain renualt .

i ask what happens if you refuse to return or remove it yourself, no real answer.
i asked them as many of the parts can be bought in the battery pack (not in the uk though) apart from the cell pack itself, is that all the rally own. no replay.
i also said i dont trust them so if i removed the battery and only returned the cell pack witch is what i belive they own, what would happen. again no reponse from them.
other counterys you can buy the battery parts seperate, and in some countrys you cant even lease the battery as its part of the car, but not in the UK, even though the dealers list parts you carnt order them.

they do everything possible to keep you in a very proffitable lease with them.


i would pm you but for some reason i seem quite restricted on what i can do.

I thought I had a 3 year lease from the date I bought my Twizy. They have an electronic version of my signature that was entered into the original lease, and my lease was automatically re proposed at the end of the three years. I was not required to sign or approve or sign again a new lease.

I have no idea of the end date of the current lease that I am now in. But it doesn’t really matter I guess, as it will just continue for ever, with out me needing to agree or approve or sign anything.

The paper/lease I signed in the dealership was about 2 pages long I think from memory - my signature is now inserted in a 14 page document/lease ! - that lasts forever.

It is so wrong !! I want to choose my lease options, I want to know my start date and finish date, and sign the actual lease agreement every time - like you do with every other lease for whatever - but no , with the Twizy - I guess you signed up once and are tied forever.

So annoying, and impossible to get any one at that company who will at the very lea

i wonder how many twizy owners would like to own there packs, also as Renault france get the blaim for the current practice, i wonder who you would contact there to raise the isse and how many of us would email them. its obvious no one at Renault UK or RCI seems to give a damn.

has anyone seen the news this morning, about mastercard using there domant possition to overcharge custermers. being sued. wonder if that need to happen to Renault as what they do is the same.