Lease mileage

@Faisal_Khouri did you get your issues sorted? i would like a twizy to work on, anyone who has one for sale, please email me gclayton at

Thanks !!

Това желание със собственна батерия съм го преживял. Повярвайте ми не е лесно да си направиш батерия. Аз успях и искам да споделя какво ви очаква. Има два начина да го направите. 1. Aко притежавате СОБСТВЕННА БАТЕРИЯ да и смените елементите с нови като запазите BMS и готово … имате нова батерия от Li. ion
2. Aко решите да поставите друг тип батерия Li Fe Po4, и смените BMS необходимо е да смените Контролера, Чарджера, дисплея и да направите цялостно нови комуникационни кабели. Аз нямах избор и направих второто. Отне ми 8 месеца и сега мога да го правя за 10 дена, но първия път беше трудно.
Помислете добре…преди да се захванете да правите някой от вариантите???

I have lived through this desire with my own battery. Believe me, it’s not easy to make a battery. I have succeeded and I want to share what awaits you. There are two ways to do this. 1. If you own a BATTERY, you can also replace the items with new ones by saving the BMS and you’re done … you have a new Li battery. ion
2. If you decide to install another type of Li Fe Po4 battery and change the BMS, you need to change the Controller, Changer, Display and make completely new communication cables. I had no choice and made the second one. It took me 8 months and now I can do it in 10 days, but the first time was difficult.
Think about it… before you go into any of the options ???

Необходимо е да се отвори батерията и да се заредят всички клетки отделно …т.е. да се нормализират клетките. После можеш да зареждаш стандартно.?

It is necessary to open the battery and charge all the cells separately … ie. to normalize the cells. Then you can charge as standard.

I’m very interested in this, as are many others. Can you enlighten us how you did it!

It’s not easy to do … you need to remove the battery, open it and charge the cells separately at 4.2 volts. The other way is to charge the built-in charger and then disassemble the battery and have less cells to charge up to 4.2 volts.

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I know this is an ongoing issues regarding the battery lease, but has anyone actually looked to seek professional legal advise?
The car is sold by Renault, and the chassis is owned by the purchaser. That bit is yours and can not be taken away if there is no finance as you have bought it outright.
There is a lease for the battery which lasts 12-36months. Surely within that document that everyone must have signed, there is an explanation as to what happens at the end of the agreed lease period. There must be options because as far as I was aware, you can not be trapped or forced in to signing an ongoing agreement after the ‘lease’ has come to an end, so there must be an exit for both lessee and lessor.
So it stands to reason that somewhere within that document is a termination clause, otherwise RCI can change the costs and terms without notice and the lessee has no way of terminating.
(note, I believe there was a timeshare programme some years ago that got into a bit of a class action situation regarding management fees etc. relating to a very similar situation to above).

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I thought I signed a 3 year lease when I bought my Twizy. - …but apparently I signed an electronic signature that they can just add on to what ever lease extension they want to. I am now on a additional 4 year lease that I do not approve of, I never agreed to, and never got the option to read in advance.

I was told there is always a battery lease with this vehicle, and is never ending.

There is a lot more to the story of this lease renewal/extension which I wont document here just now. RCI finance are a dreadful company to deal with. They never even replied to any of the three recorded letters I sent to them over a period of several months.

As far as I can see, you are correct. RCI finance are able to do what they want. Yes and can change the terms, and costs without negotiation .

I have never in my life been tied into a lease so bad as this one. Definitely not what the Renault salesman described to me at the time of purchase.

I do hope that someone with legal knowledge could investigate this type of lease.

Just for the record, I know I have to pay the battery lease, but would like to have some input and control over it , and at the least get some papers to sign every time - not have to look up my credit score to discover the length of my new lease I have been auto-enrolled with RCI finance

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It seems to me that we all need to pay something like £100 in to a pot and get a contracts lawyer to roast them, individually we are weak but as a huge group we may get something resolved.

There are also examples of people who do not pay the lease and cancel the finance with the bank and I don’t think anyone has been taken to court yet that I know of?

I bought and paid for my batteries TODAY direct to RCi. 8 year old Twizy, 4000 miles = £666.667 plus VAT.

RCi better prepare for the deluge of calls and emails tomorrow!!

What does the 4000 miles mean, was that the lease mileage you had or your total Twizy miles???
My 8 year old Twizy has just turned 29000 miles and I pay £49 a month


Hi, this is really super important news, can you explain how you negociated this ? Do I understand correctly that you bought an 8 yo battery with only 4000 miles for £666.667 plus VAT ?
Many thanks !

Yes I did and it was easy to do.

Just contact RCi on your documentation and say you would like a figure to buy the batteries. The best person to deal with is Adie in customer services. Their number is 0330 331 0220. Probably best you do not mention my name just “that you understand that you are offering buying batteries to Twizy battery lease holders and you are aware of several owners that have done so recently”

Here is his email: [email protected]

Best of luck!


Many thanks Martin for the detailed and comprehensive answer !
I’m in France so will contact the local RCI equivalent (DIAC), hoping I get a similar response. Fancy the Brits helping the Frogs deal with their own national companies :slight_smile:
All the best.

Thanks for the info Martin, I have just successfully bought my battery. The most difficult bit was having to listen to the dreadful muzak while on hold!

Dear Dimitar, thanks for your advice. Kindly can you tell me where I can buy battery pack for Twizy

Turkey … any Renault shop you can buy it