LED Bulbs - Brake & Reverse Light Recommendations?

Hi all,

I’ve just upgraded my headlamps and sidelights to LED (from ledperf) some small modification was required to make the hole on the plastic on the rear of the light bigger. I’m pleased with the result and the lights are certainly an improvement.

I’ve managed to source LED bulbs for the indicators also, but can’t find any for the high level brake & reversing light. Can anyone recommend anything?

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I am new here and it may be that this is not the place. However I found a LED reversing lamp for my daughters Twizy45 that also had a beeper build in for just under 10 EUR. (amazon.it has product number B078SQFH68 - searching for P21W beeping should get you the same )

However - I am not able to tell you how pronounced the sound is or the strength of the light is - because I found that the old lamp was working. I.e. there is something beyond my grasp as to why the old or the new does not turn on when I put the Twizy in [R]everse.

Does anyone know where the reverse-light is commanded from? It does not seem to have a fuse, or if it does it is not clearly labelled. I am starting to worry that it may be a signal from the Sevcon itself.

Again thanks for a nice community - please let me know if there is links or other places that could help me with my lack of reverse light.


Check fuse f10, a 10amp
There are a few connectors on the reverse light harness that could have failed. You need to test to see if power is getting to the bulb holder
Did you put the bulb in the right way around?? That’s always an easy mistake to make!

Thank you. Based on a mild blend of guessing and googling I assume the fuse numbers start from the top right with f1 (from Duster) and goes left - in that case fuse f10 would be the one with the trumpet symbol - i.e. the horn - and I know the horn is working.
Starting top right may not be the French way, so if I start top left it could be the Windscreen washer/wiper. And the second permutation of counting downwards, fortunately ends up on the same two fuses. The wiper is working but not the washer, something I believe could be caused by no doors and less than perfect (outdoor) storage by the previous owner. I have a new right hand ‘windscreen wiper/wash-stalk’ ready. The computer display/cs/odo is not reacting to commands and the wash command does not work. When I get courage I’ll disconnect the 12V battery/airbag/steering wheel and change the stalk.
My daughter is scheduled for her driving-exam on December 2nd - so I still have some time to get the reversing-light to work. The old bulb tested ok, and I tried also measuring the voltage in the bulb holder. When in [R] I measured around 2.4 V that I suspect was noise, when in [N] or [D] it measured zero.
Tomorrow I’ll test both candidate fuses as you say. I did test most of the 10A fuses with pictograms that could indicate any form for light source - but not horn/washer.


Yep, if your wiper washer isn’t working, that is the same circuit. Problem solved I reckon.

Steering wheel off is a bit of a pain just to get at the wiper stalk. Top tip…don’t unscrew it totally before pulling it loose, that way u don’t strain the airbag wire. Not for worry of it going off, as you will have long since disconnected the 12v, but so you don’t tug the loom out and unravel it.