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Led daylight lights

Hi all,

I’ve bought a couple of white LED daytime running lights and want them to turn on with the ignition, and not be an option. My son will soon be driving my twizy.

I’d appreciate a little help with the fitting of them. I’m good with electronics, so the actual wiring side is easy, it’s where to tap into an ignition based source, and how to run the wires. I’ve attached a picture of the lights.

I was going to fit them under the wing mirrors, or on the meal plate by the front wheels.

Thanks for your help

I certInly wouldn’t recommend the wing mirrors - the wiring would be stressed when the doors rotate at the hinge. As for wiring - taking a feed of the 12v accessory socket is best, as this is only live when the key is in the ignition and turned.

Thanks for that buzby, do you have any guides on how to remove e dash, or suggestions on where to run the wires?


You can easily disassemble the LH cubby to get to the underside of the 12v accessory socket and then either crimp on to the existing wires or (ugh) Scotchlok them) - it would be up to you to decide whether to have them additionally switched, as you might not want them on in daylight.

There’s a PDF linked from here on how to install the Twizy Audio unit and the cubby disassembly details are here.

Thanks Buzby, I’ve had a look through and it seems quite simple, one question though. Has anyone removed the front plastic from the twizy? I’m thinking of putting the lights on it, and would like to run the wires and drill the fittings for the lights.


I haven’t (as you can get to it with the cubby’s removed from one or both sides as required). Perhaps someone on here has and can guide you?

Which front plastic do you mean, the bit where the head lights are located? If so, look up Christian’s posts. He has got a video where he removed the front bit and made it into some form of small storage space behind and he put a lock on it.

Thanks Askho,

It was the front plastic, where the indicators are, the large section. I’ve taken off the shiny plastic panel before to change the bulbs. Thanks for your help.