LED H4 40W 4000 Lumen non destructive mounting

I ordered H4 LED light bulbs from ebay (china). I really tried to find the highest spec bulbs with the most light and I was looking closely on all pictures to see if they where properly engineered.
This is what arrived:

Looked promising but how to fit them in the Twizy lights?

You can divide the mounting plate from the bulb:

The bulb fitted very good but the lamp mounting plate has a plastic ring that needed some trimming:

After trimming the plastic ring it was easy to mount the bulb in the Twizy mounting ring:

And the result:

Havent driven in the dark yet but I compared LED/Halogen in the garage and I think the light was at least 50% brighter and white and nice! And the light pattern looks very good.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!

Ebay link to the bulbs: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-H4-160W-16000LM-LED-Headlight-PHILIPS-Chip-Kit-High-Low-Beam-Bulb-6000K-White-/331973090469?hash=item4d4b235ca5:g:p0UAAOSwmfhX3DCM&vxp=mtr


Looks good and thanks for the HowTo. Please keep us updated! Especially interested in the lightpattern, the scatter of the output when using low beam and the sharpness of the light-dark edge.

Light pattern is a disaster don’t buy these LEDs… Even tried to modify it, but did not help much, very little light is hitting the top of the reflector so there is just a thin string of uneven light…
Sorry if I gave someone hope of a decent LED H4…


@Sciroccogtx16v That is bad news. Thanks for sharing the results with us. And yes we all hoped you found the road to LED H4. I hope you can recover from the financial set back. And good that your modifiction was non destructive. :+1:

Highly accurate focusing of Hi/Lo LED H4 bulbs is not the easiest thing to achieve and that is primarily why there are no LED-kitted H4 setups as standard on new cars these days, despite the general push for low-consumption lighting overall. If you look carefully at a normal incandescent H4 bulb, you’ll see that the filaments are very small and VERY accurately positioned within the bulb itself. It is this very precise placement that works with the shape of the headlight reflector to produce an accurately aligned cut-off and focus for the bulb. If you look at the pictures of the LED replacements used above, you’ll see that the LED bars are much bigger then they should be to work properly, in my view.

I’ve tried many sets of LED H4s, each claiming to produce perfectly aligned cut-offs, but none until recently have produced the goods. But, I have found these Philips bulbs that use a tiny string of LEDs that pretty much exactly mimic the position and size of the incandescent filaments and they work MUCH better than the others I’ve tried. I run them in my Twizy and am very pleased with the results. Moreover, the base-plate is adjustable for angle and can be moved to achieve the best, non-blinding cut-off.

Not cheap, but as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world and these have been designed and built properly I think and they were never going to be cheap. If I get the chance I will try to take pictures of the beam profile, so you can see the results.

The other factor of course is that the halogen lamps emit light in a 360 radius. LED chips tend to emit at at 120degs, which is why a two sided LED lamp might result in dark spots.
The ones @Evmeerkat is using are 3 sided - which obviously reduces the chances of dark spots. A four sided might be even better…

Hello again
The bulbs are in the lamps of the Twizy now, After some adjustments a alignment they are not terrible, just a bit uneven light pattern.
The light from a normal dipped beam halogen H4 is around 200 degrees upwards in the reflector and a bit tilted to fill in some light to the asymmetric side, suppose that the lamps are tilted in the other direction in the UK normally. But the Twizy headlamps are not asymmetric, probably due to it being registered as a quad and goes under motorbike regulations. The lamps I bought has a problem and that is that most of the light from the lamp is directed to the sides, there are some reflectors on the bulb but I don’t think it reflects much light upwards.
The Philips lamp that you linked to are very expensive and not E marked (think they are for the Chinese market ). But as you say, they are probably the best bulbs out there. There are copies of that lamp that may be ok for a third of the price, maybe it is worth a try? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-x-Philips-160W-16000LM-H4-9003-HB2-LED-Headlight-Kit-High-Low-Beam-Bulbs-6000K-/182233592324


Some pictures.

H4 Halogen one headlight only. Square and very even light pattern:

Halogen and (not adjusted) LED at the same time to compare Light output and colour:

Adjusted and modified H4 LED (one headlight):


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Nice pictures Fredrik. I took a couple from my Twizy yesterday and the4se are outside, to help show the spread of light. The grass at the back is quite a mit higher than the drive itself, so the light spread may look odd, but hopefully you get the idea.





I brought these from eBay (china).

Fitted them in 10 minutes, no modifications and well impressed with the light quality.

The left hand bulb was a 60/100W bright after market bulb, right hand bulb the new eBay led unit.

Cost £26 all in and half hours labour.


After seeing your post, I decided to buy the same. Super easy installation. I love them, brighter and cooler light. The only thing I don’t like is the noise of the lights’ fans when you start the car. But once you start driving, the noise disappears behind the noise of driving.
I didn’t do a one-to-one comparison, but I took a picture of the distribution of the LEDs on a white wall. No dark spots. Very happy with these, especially as they install without making any modifications to the Twizy.

yes these are great led’s for the money and so easy to fit.

I live in the Czech Republic and have to drive with the lights on during the day. Is this going to have a noticable effect on the range of a Twizy? Can I use different bulbs in order to reduce any negative effect?

The LEDs should draw less power than the standard halogens. I’ll try to check later tonight the exact wattage.
In addition to the main headlights, I’ve retrofitted the smaller halogen lights at the bottom of the headlights with these:
I used the extra two for the license plate lights in the back.
When I’m driving during a sunny day, I twist the light controls left of the steering wheel to “0”, which ONLY turns these small lights on in the headlights. I assume these are sufficient for daytime running lights, and draw significantly less power than the main headlights.

Lamp comparison:
Standard Twizy Halogen: 60/55W - 1100 - 1500 lumens.
LED product above: 36W - 3300 lumens.

So roughly half the wattage, double the brightness. I’ve seen some posts of people’s fuses going out in their Twizy when running headlights, windshield wipers, and window heating. I made the switch to LED in hopes that the lower wattage will prevent that. And of course because the cold blue light looks so much more appropriate on the futuristic Twizy.


Are the small led lights easy to fit? Do you have pictures how to fit the small
headlights and the plate lights?



Sorry, didn’t take photos. The license plate light enclosures are plastic and pop out easy by wedging a screwdriver in the designed opening. The bulbs both there and at the headlights are identical and all take a good pull to get out. The led replacements I bought required that I bend out the little wires at their base to ensure they made contact when I plugged them in. First time they didn’t work. After the adjustment they came on just fine.
@Evmeerkat has a few photos of the headlight installation on his blog.


Do the 36W headlights fit perfectly? On the blog I believe evmeerkat using the same lights talking
about ‘not a perfect fit’.
Are you still happy with the headlights?



I bought the same ones as m1n1s posted above. Fit perfectly with no modifications s whatsoever. Put in place, twist to secure (4 hands make this easier). Evmeerkat needed to use all kinds of twist ties to secure his, which is what made me decide against the ones he bought in the end.

I personally am happy with the headlights, yes. My only complaint is that the beams aim higher than the original halogens. For visibility, this is a great thing, but I get the feeling I’m blinding most people in opposite traffic. The flip side, of course, is that people see you, which is a plus considering many a story of near accidents because the Twizy wasn’t seen by other drivers.

Thanks for the info. Just bought the same set :slight_smile:
Happy to know it will fit without modifications.

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