LED headlight bulbs

Well I bought a pair of led h4 led bulbs they arrived and looked good quality. Today I tried to fit them what a disappointment they dont fit the bulb holder I have sent a email to the seller as I am reluctant to modify the holder as it means I cant refit the old bulbs sick as a chip or what.
Still its still light so plenty of time to sort the problem fingers crossed the seller might have something else


I bought this model (no longer available at this shop) and they fit the holders:

You have to unscrew the back part, fit it and screw it back.

The shank of the new bulb is bigger than the hole in the plastic bulb holder so unless I grind out the bulb holder it wont work these were expensive bulbs as well

Anyone with a new source of LED light bulbs that fit without headaches? Thanks all :slight_smile:

I have an extra pair if you can’t find them anywhere else.
Just be aware that the light spreads a little bit more than with the standard bulbs.

Do the CREE LED’s fit without mods? I went with some standard phillips xtreme vision just for easy.

Twizy head lights should be the first mod lol

There are hundreds of different types of LED bulbs that all use Cree LED’s as the light source. Only some will fit.

See my Thread here. I found a set that fit even though you have to file a very small and narrow slot for the cable. The old lamps still fit perfectly after the minor mods for the new mega-bright LEDS, if required.

Here’s what the LED headlamps look like on a bright sunny day. (You’ll still need your sunglasses!)

First test - low and high beam HERE

Both fitted on high beam:


If I give you the car for a week and a bucket load of cash can you make mine like yours please :smiley:

I like the bucket bit. Make sure it’s a HUGE bucket. You can contact Martin my fitter directly, I am not going to get involved making extra on this - it’s my hobby! (Although that’s how I made my money out of my Ham Radio hobby!)

Where are you located anyway?!

Here are a few images of us getting the Twizy ready for the LED headlamps guys.

I am in Medway Kent, but can always trailer it over

Hi Paul, well you are most welcome. Give Martin a call and discuss with him. No problem using my gaff for the install. More than enough space.

Thanks Martin for the cool pictures - can you please clarify a couple for me since I am about to dive into the LED Light install and the Kenneth supa-twizy-brain install:

DSC_0929 and DSC_0931 - is that the end-cable for the back of the headlamp?
DSC_0927 - bottom left, grey connector - is that the computer service port?

Thanks again for the pics!! Crazy twizy :relaxed:

929 & 931 should not be there - !!! We think that is for stereo installation - It looks like Renault used standard loom for another car maybe? Anyone else know??

Ignore those anyway. 927 yes - OBD port. you have to fiddle about getting it back through the bottom of the l/h/s glove box. remember you don’t really have to take this out unless you are fitting Alex’s struts.

What isn’t mentioned is that you can see he mounted the ballast boxes for the LED lamps on to the back side of the plastic housings for the lamps. It worked a treat and kept them from floating about and getting damaged.

Yes for the Parrot, other radio, or for Alexakos’ Alarm and Remote Door Opener.

Got my lights in, thanks Martin for the installation pics and directions. All went in as planned. A brighter Crazy Twizy now :smile:

They are great aren’t they? Just waiting for my fitter to pop over. This afternoons installments; Mud Flaps, Smart painted sun-visor, possibly blue-tooth audio amp.

It’s a pretty easy install for these lights then? Is there a write up for the pictures? ; )