Let's talk about off-road

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That charger won’t last long with all that water…

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she copes really well off-road with those tyres :grin:

Got a feeling that Twizy didn’t have anti roll bars given the amount of suspension travel when going over the bumps.

@dutch_twizy your comment about hte charger made me think, are chargers not water proof? Maybe I should stop driving my Twizy in the rain?

mine was water tested years ago after the replacement , its water tight :laughing:

Is water proof but not enough…water easely gets in…the gearbox is modified the rest is only enforced…

The bars where eliminated…scuse me…

but… the charger has a fan so there must be a opening to let hot air out / cold in?

In that video all went underwater…soon we will move the charger and battery in the back