Life with the Power Box

I purchased @kennethnilsen69 powerbox at the start of the month and waited for Customs to release it - I finally collected it on the way to the airport so wasn’t able to install and use until the end of last week and use in a practical sense until yesterday.

Firstly, its well packaged and using the guide very simple to install and use. All of the images are accurate and very quickly you can be up and running.

I drive the Twizy 16 miles each way to a station, which takes about 30 mins each way. Some of that is on fast A roads and up to now I have always felt a bit exposed at 50 odd MPH with large things going past. On the way home, I take an earlier junction to go the back way and avoid sitting in this.

When I did the install, I went for the medium tuning and left it on Automatic. I took the car for a spin around the block and WOW - pulling away felt so sharp and responsive. We went on an extended drive and I got the car up to 68 mph pulling about 7,500 RPM with the engine temperature all good. I felt much more comfortable in traffic and even managed a wheel spin pulling out of a corner (unintentionally I might add).

This was great, but what I really needed to know was if this extra performance was going to kill the range to a point where I would not be able to make my commute.

The answer is I made it with a bar to spare. Normally I have 2 bars left when I get home, and occasionally just drop into two from three. Yesterday I just dropped from 2 to 1 bar and expect the same today looking at my half way position.

In the last two weeks as well, Kenneth has been great with emails and software tweaks (already on version 1.3) which again are simple and quick to install.

I did try a spin last night with max power and that was very quick off the line, but for the commute I have gone back to medium.

If you want that bit of extra performance, then I would highly recommend the investment in this.

I’m glad to hear that you are happy with the Powerbox :slight_smile:

after chrismas i think it might be a fun investment :heart_eyes:

Maybe next year if my boss decides to let me charge the Twiz at work. At the moment i need all the range i can get. The battery died on me today just when i was going on my driveway. Some scary moments… i would love to see a software solution that let you up the range by 10 miles or so.

Thanks for the report Paul. I’ve been “cheeky” in waiting to see how you found it before committing my cash but it all sounds good. I’m not looking to exploit maximum power but it would be good to have a little more speed and acceleration on occasions.

They won’t let you charge it at work! Bah humbug

If anyone is near Kent I am happy to show / demo, any further and it make take several days lol

Another quick question for Kenneth…
Once the unit has been plugged into the Twizy and setup for more power.
What happens if you just unplug the unit? Does it just revert back to standard?


I was wondering about this as well. The left hand glovebox isn’t lockable which makes the PowerBox susceptible to theft.

I’m getting more and more anxious to get one of these :smile: Is the power noticeable? Does it feel twice as powerful? I’ve notices that the Twizy has a delay from standstill and sometimes it feels dull when accelerating from like 10-15 mph, also that I need to give quite much throttle % to maintain speeds over 30 mph. Is this box changing any of that? And how is it plugged in? Thanks! Merry Christmas

Have you had a play as yet with the regeneration? I recently had the opportunity to test drive a Tesla and the regeneration was so intense you didn’t really need to use the brakes at all.

Cheers and Merry Christmas. Chris

I have left the settings at the default setting, I find that works well enough and don’t have to brake much at all

It is very noticeable indeed - both in the medium and Max setting

The plug is in the glovebox into the port which sits there for the mechanic’s to use I imagine

Hi Normsthename and Hans.
If you disconnect the power box then it will remain in the tuned condition and in the current profile it was in when you disconnected it. In ligt and Medium Tuning then you can drive without the box connected But this must NEVER be done in Max Power tuning for here you are dependent on that the Power box monitors the temperature of your Motor.
it is the Power box that protects your Twizy :slight_smile:

Hi Kenneth
Thanks for the answer :smile:
Final question (promise!)
With the box connected you can re-program it completely back to standard and then remove the box?
Just wondering from a selling or warranty… Viewpoint. :wink:


There is a setting to revert to defaults which I believe also deletes the logs

I am interested but just worried how it will effect the warranty?

What Renault doesn’t know won’t hurt them.

So I have this right… it’s a case of plugging the tune box in the slot in glove box, following the instructions to tune then unplug and store away? None of the electronics will be damaged in the process?

If that’s it am getting one, lol.

Pretty much - unless you have the max power setting when you need to leave the box connected to manage the engine temperature