Lifespan of brakes and tires

Hi there!

Our Twizy has about 12k miles, half of them with winter tires. The Summer tires (Conti e contact) are already worn (the cross on the wear indicator is gone) after 6000 miles, is this normal?

And the brakes, they’re a headache. So far we have (all at the stealership) replaced all the pads twice and replaced all the calipers because of them seizing and a burning smell appearing. The problem is, the rear brake discs still look as rusted as a 20yo Vauxhall. Is this a Problem?

Maybe you have an alignment issue with the wheels, my 1st two tyres (rears) lasted 10k and we drive VERY hard.
Brakes are an issue, get the stainless Pistons fitted & find someone who can service the brakes rather than change them all every time.
Leaving the car standing & or leaving it outside in the rain or damp weather definitely takes its toll on the brakes.

My front set of tyres only lasted 7K miles. The inside of the tyres were totally worn but the outside were actually OK. That was because the wheels were totally out of alignment.
I wouldn’t take the dealership’s (was stealership deliberate. I like it) word for it for replacing pads and discs. Most of the time I think it’s unnecessary. It’s just that they don’t even know that original pads are very thin to start with and think that they are worn down.