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List of Twizy upgrades and tweaks

Almost anyone has done some tweeks and upgrades to his (or her) Twizy. So show those things to the world. Maybe with some pictures… I have got quite some since I get my Twizy a monh ago.

  1. Balance front whels, due to stearing wheel shaking at around speds 75 km/h and up, when Twizy was new

  2. Aero windshield wiper since the original was ugly old type with spokes

  3. LED lights

  4. Phone holder

  5. Sun visor from Smart fortwo

  6. Straps for easy opening the doors when windows are mounted

  7. Mirror for looking for my kid when driving on the rear seat

  8. Anti rain shade blades for rear wiev mirrors

  9. Cup holder

  10. Better speakers than original Parrot ones

  11. 3D printed keyring

  12. Backpack for rear seat storage

  13. Sunglases case

  14. Custom Licence plate

  15. Softer Ministromer stabilisator rubbers

Still waiting for LEDs for rear lights and all direction indicator lights, Amplifier for Parrot sound system with already upgraded speakers, digital thermometer, interior light…

To be continued…


Brilliant work. Well done. Particularly like your cup holder and sun visor and key ring. Can you reproduce more of the keyring to sell. I would love to have one.

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Will ask my “3D printed things” :slight_smile: producer what’s the price of the keyring… If you have one with 3D printer, I can also share 3D design file…

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Do you only switch light bulbs to joints or whole efforts? How is the light image?
See that you have charge connected to the phone holder. Can you send an image what it looks like when the phone is in place?

Good works! :+1:

I switch all bulbs, H4 and the W5W for the side lights as well. A bit of rework was required at the H4 bulb seat to fit them in. Light image is not quite good as with casual H4 bulbs. It’s to high and litle bit diffused, but I put spacers on uper light screws under the springs to push the lights down to the floor. Now it’s better, but I guess not good for technical inspection.

Here is the picture with the phone…

So, those bulbs for rear side/brake lights and for blinkers already arrived, but they are no good. Side/breke lights show SERV light when braking and blinkers runs too fast. They all need some sort of load resstor due to low wattage consumption…

I also have problems with that amplifier. I didn’t make it work till now. I’m trying on…

Still waiting for the thermometer. One already arrived, but I manage somehow to ride with Twizy over it… It still works, but it looks ugly :joy:

I made a sack to store twizy windows with a realy old sewing machine, some Tyvek and velcro (will post some pictures)

Also updated those opening straps with some PVC valves, beacouse I had problems sometimes when those straps escaped in to inside and was unreachable… (will post some pictures)

Already have material for interial light, done some work on it, but still not finished. (read, not mounted in the Twizy, will post some pics too)

Next projects are rear side wind deflectors and Twizy cover with mirror pockets from white “Tyvek solid” foil

In winter time maybe I buy 3D printer and then those keyrings, will be available to buy.

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Nice job!
What is the sun visor from?


SMART 4two, sprayed with antracite MOTIP bumper spray

video with photos

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What make and model is the bag please or an eBay number if possible. I wanted a twizy bag, but no longer available…


I had the same problem, wanted a twizy bag with new Twizy, but no longer available…
up there is mobile link, here is link to the regular site with that backpack. But is cheaper if you buy it via mobile app…

Few days ago, just sucessfuly mounted interior light and 100W audio amplifier for my Parrot audio device. Some things can be seen in this video:

fjuc’r ? wish I knew languages !

Hahaha, it’s just foneticaly writed English (This is future, are you ready?) :slight_smile: It’s a little joke on our neighbours Croatians (i’m from Slovenia) who have a rule in their language “piši kao što govoriš” (“Write like you speak” - they write all the words just like they sounds) And what’s worst: that rule for them works also for foreign languages… Example: they write New York as Njujork…

'phewtore ore wred ’
zownes phun …

Now, that’s what I don’t understand :stuck_out_tongue:

wred should have had an ‘i’ …and… ? …

future or ready sounds fun

Forgive me for the dirty Twizy, I must wash it today. Here are some pics I promised. So I already make some wind deflectors in the rear and one picture of that lamp and switch from the video.

Added a roof rack. Now my wife does’t complain when we go shopping. Also added our custom made floor mat.