Long distances in a Twizy. How do you charge it?

I’m thinking of buying a Twizy that is 90 miles from home. To drive it home, it will need to be charged twice on the way. Are there places that you can charge a twizy from a 3 pin plug?

Is it a crazy idea anyway, given that it takes 3 1/2 hours to charge?

Can you explain where from and where to? Perhaps owners on here can offer a charge and a coffee.

Bristol to Birmingham. Straight up the A38 I guess. 95 miles along A roads so two full charges are probably not enough. It would be a long day.

starting with a full charge on a dry day about 12c you will do it in 2 more charges. Speed and wet roads and cold temps will kill it.

5c dry roads and keeping speed below 40 and less up hill and the Twizy will do 36 miles.

But it all depends on where the charge points are.

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Worth checking zapmap for 3-pin charging points on your route. For £100 you could get a type-2 to 13A convertor so you can access “proper” chargers too, but be careful of the gender at those type2 stations.

I did a similar journey when I collected my twizy, prob 65 miles needed two charges because I was flat out on an a-road dodging trucks.