Look what the postman brought me

Monumentally giddy albeit I have the minor inconvenience of my brand spanking new Twizy being somewhere other than in my possession…
Spoke to Renault UK whom were beyond patronising but are ‘looking into what has gone wrong’.

However that is a rant for a different post. So thanks Kenneth! Superb service and cannot wait to get this badboy installed!

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Hello, how much does this kit cost? Is there a version for 45? Where can I order it? thank you

These are bought from Kenneth who produces the power box. I think the kit above is around £700 but you only need that with the newer twizys due to the controller change. If you have an earlier car (I think pre 2015) then you only need the £300 kit. Kenneth has many posts on the forum, just seach powerbox.

Yes, you can use the kit on a 45 too.

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I paid 825 euros delivered plus a bit of import duty.

I am also selling my kit, never used, for £500 as I never ended up getting a twizy.

That is very good value. I assume you bailed out due to dealer problems? I take it you don’t fancy buying second hand and using the kit?

I certainly bailed out but not due to dealer problems. It was problems with Renault themselves that pushed me over the edge. They just told me so many lies I don’t want anything to do with Renault again.

I was seriously considering a used one however I would then be tied to Renault for the battery lease, which I could live with, but also for any parts or work that I couldn’t do myself. The thought of dealing with them at all made me realise I’m better off without.

Real shame as I really wanted, and still do, a twizy. Maybe one day.

Hello Rammers do you sell everything exactly as in the picture ? did you install it?
What would be your last price for a shipment to Belgium? Where are you living?

Do you think I could receive (perhaps from Keneth?) Assembly instructions assembly in french language?

Hi Jean-Jacques

Yes it is exactly as the picture. I have not installed it as I never got a twizy in the end.
I am in the UK.

It looks like its would cost about £20 to post it to Belgium, it isn’t heavy or large.
So £520, not sure what that is in euros though.

If you email kenneth
[email protected]
He may have the instructions in different languages. I only have the english copy.

It is also on ebay 333305715991. I have made it a worldwide sale so hopefully you can see it.