Looking for a damaged twizy


I’m looking for an Twizy which is damaged.

The only thing is that the high voltage electric traction part is working.

I have a tuk tuk and want to make it electric by using a Twizy.

Can somebody give me some help finding one?

Thank you all!


Hi Wouter,
I have a tuk tuk as well it is a 4 rs I bought it new whilst on holiday in India dont think I would convert it to electric as it is good on fuel as it is

Hello Wouter, if you find a damaged one, I’m in for the spatborden!
Roel from Groningen

installl mobile.de app on our phone and have twizy in you fav searches with the damaged option ticked. youll recieve a message as soon as one pops up for sale. i have seen several go by there.

lets not hope to see one soon… for a felow twizy owners luck i mean;)

also in the french Leboncoin.fr classifieds site… but French never reply to messages…

[quote=“ALEXAKOS, post:4, topic:1783”]
but French never reply to messages…[/quote]

Yes and they talk and never listen … l guess Renault is french.

I just added one in my Facebook Twizy selling group!
Also the traction is sold separately ;)))