Looking for a Twizy in South Wales

I’m in the market for a Twizy in South Wales! There’s one on eBay in Caerphilly at the moment but it’s got no doors :frowning:

Yes seen that one for sale…certainly a brave choice.

I’ve had no doors for 8 years :rofl:

have used in all weathers and the driver tends not to get wet , the back seat is a full on shower :yum:

Same with doors for the passenger.

Having a semi regular (small & light lol) passenger I think the doors are a must. I’ve been a passenger in a Twizy before :grin:

@Griff There’s a 2017 Twizy in Swansea on Ebay right now, £9k. Bit too steep and too far away for my liking, but it depends how much you want one.

Thankfully it has doors!

Yeah I think that’s outside of my price range. That’s nearly the price of a new one! Cheers for the heads up though

I also noticed the one ‘For Sale’ in Swansea…anyone have an idea as to the cost of buying the battery on a 2017 Twizy?

too expensive and the powerbox doesn’t work so not worth considering :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sounds like the one in Swansea has the Power Box AND the Sevcon Controller to go with it…’‘power box v2 with controller’’… :+1: .

ah ok its that one :grin: , might be worth a look then.

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We are contemplating selling our 15 plate orange twizy with alloys. 9500 miles, just serviced at renault. has no doors but does have a bespoke “specialised” branded cover for it, that is easy to fit. Just renewed the Renault extended warranty as well for another year. We are in Plymouth and have not advertised it at all yet.

The one in Swansea is mine
Two controllers one for warranty and one with v1 and v2 power box with full Bluetooth radio and factory anti lift alarm and immobiliser
I don’t want to sell but furlough has had its tolls
2 days left on eBay then it’s not for sale (keeping wife happy )

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I do the same , selling stuff on eBay to keep the missus happy , fingers crossed it doesn’t sell :rofl:

Ah it’s me that messaged you about it this afternoon then :smiley: I’m seriously considering what you said but I’m not around in Wales now until mid next week

It will disappear off eBay tomorrow if you want a look message me on here ,but to be honest I’m glad it hasn’t sold

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Well it didn’t sell ,so better start looking for some wheels and adaptors for it

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