Looking for a Twizy - solar garage?

Hi all
Im currently living in a country with a lot of sun – and some heavy rain. The local Renault dealer is not importing the Twizy to our country, so I have to do it myself. I’m looking for a Twizy. Wikipedia shows two models, the Urban45 and the Urban80. Im looking for the Urban80 with doors/cover. Do you have a “new” Twizy for sale?

Does anyone know if there is a solar “garage” for the Twizy? It would be good to drive into a open cage at office with solar panels on the roof to charge the car during the day. Anyone know if this exist?

Regards Stein

I don’t know about importing (to where) however there is an issue with the battery rental. Might be better to buy in Norway and export fro there.

As for the Solar part, I know a bit about the process but not about commercial offerings. The Twizy needs minimum of 10amps at 240V or 2400w if draws less after it has started but work on that basis. So if no battery storage of Solar energy is used you need to be generating at least 2400w which then depends on how much sun you are getting. I’d say a 3 to 4kw array is required to cover the sun at different times of the day and ensure you get the required output. You have to allow some losses for the Inverter (DC to AC).

The other way is to go for battery storage and charge the battery bank over a day from the Sun and then charge the Twizy at any time from the battery bank. This would require a much small array and roof to your cage. However the battery bank would cost more than the solar panels.

I use a compromise, A grid tied Solar array that when the sun is bright then the Twizy can charge from the solar array the rest of the time the solar array is supported by imported electricity from the grid. Allows me to charge any time of day and even use Solar in the UK. :grinning:

Hi Osbrook

Thank you for your feedback. Norway is way to expensive, so the purchase has to be from somewhere in Europe and not Scandinavia. I want to import the vehicle to Sri Lanka where i work for the time being - and where the traffic is terrible (need a very small vehicle ).

Your grid tied solar sounds very good. That might be the solution I will go for as well, but I seems to have read something about a ready made “solar garage” somewhere on the web, and was wondering if it was easily available. I guess not.

Are there any web sites where its possible to get a second hand Twizy? Do anyone know if I can get a new one directly from the factory since the plan is to import it to a country where Renault is not planning to import?

Regards Stein

Twizy has a battery that is leased from Renault (except in Norway) there are some restrictions and the battery that makes exporting tricky and possibly illegal. Buying second hand and not signing the battery rental forms would leave the seller responsible for the battery rental.

In the UK try looking on AutoTrader for a car.

Batteries - I see. I would need to have the batteries as well as part of the vehicle.

Electric cars are a but useless without batteries!

Shame there are no 3rd party battery options as that may have helped.

What about India? http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/super-cars-imports-india/156127-renault-twizy-india-2.html

You can buy your Twizy with battery in Austria. You pay for the battery €2950,- With a guarantee of 5 years.

Have you thought about a Tesla Powerwall?

At first it appears a good idea, however they are expensive, not available and only have a silly weekly use, depending on which one you get. ie. cannot be used daily!

There are other ones available made by Victron etc.