Looking for a Twizy to Buy

**Can anyone help me, I’m looking to buy a good Twizy preferably with doors and window already on, in black white or grey… I’m in London!!!

Welcome to the forum. I can understand the need for doors but the windows tend to spoil the Twizy. Several posts on here explain way and why people remove them but:-

  1. The windows are noisy
  2. Funnel wind and rain inside
  3. The Driver does not tend to get wet while driving
  4. They make getting in and out harder
  5. They do scratch the body work.

I drive my every day all weathers and have never needed to get changed or dry off after a journey. The lack of windows allows the Twizy experience to be really appreciated. However I would fit the front mud flaps, this keeps the spray down and the car cleaner. There are other owners that will say the doors aren’t required but I use the space between the door and the seat to carry bags etc.

Good luck with your hunt.

Absolutely concur with that good advice-Twizy with extended flaps good, windows bad, buy a decent coat/hat/gloves.

Good luck with your hunt-prices seem to have firmed a little since the ex-demos have been mostly sold now.

Beat me to it. I too am looking for a twizy with doors in London :slight_smile:
DM on here or twitter @evmeerkat

Might be worth going to the main dealer (IIRC members rated Renault West London for ZE knowledge and interest? Please correct this someone!)
They’ll be only too glad to source and deliver one to London for you.

There does not seem to be any on the private market at present, even nationwide-but still worth looking as the motorbike couriers can deliver them or they fit on a lawnmower trailer! I delivered mine to a forum member when I sold it on a mower trailer.

I have a grey Colour, registered in late Dec 12 (62), with doors, a glass roof and the bluetooth kit.

Done 4200 miles as I type.

Looking for 4k - replacing reluctantly through change of circumstance (getting a job outside my expected commute radius).


p.s. I’m in the North East - so I appreciate there may be something of a shipping issue to address

Shipping no probs: fits on a small (mower) trailer and the bike couriers will deliver them too.
Great price-you’ll sell that immediately.

Good luck-not that you’ll need it!

I’ll second that. Easy to move around. Mine went with me on holiday from the Peak District during August and I was driving inside the M25 at one stage.

I should have asked before I quoted a price shouldn’t I? Ah well :razz:

Let me buy your twizy!

£4000 is a good deal all round for an instant sale, plus delivery on top, I’d say

The power of Twizyfroums!

I think that’s where I’d got to having checked a couple of places and given the noise from dealers.

In any case it lets me move on - though having just cleaned the “Roller skate” for a few pictures I realise how fond of it we’ve become. Its an amazing toy if it solves the problem you have :slight_smile:

I do miss mine and regret not having it in the summer weather. What you planning on getting next?

No longer available (sold!) subject to the usual

The search continues. Twizy with Doors anyone looking to sell (Technic ideally)

Still looking to buy. Get in touch: DM on here or DM @evmeerkat

Well done! Sold to a forum member?
Consider a small donation to the site?

I second this :slight_smile: Thanks mender

I’m not sure if you are still looking but I am now selling my Technic in black with doors, of course.
It has only done 2800 miles and has a Renault official top cover (covers half of the body) - although it is slightly used with winter dirt!
It currently has a private plate.
I am open to offers and I can email plenty of photos for those who are interested.
I am based in north Staffordshire.