Looking for a twizy

Hi all
I run a estate agency in the West Midlands and have been looking at twizys for a long time. Think we are ready to buy one and have it wrapped in our company logos . If anyone has one for sale please let me know.

Good choice. The Twizy must be one of the best and cost effective advertising/promotion tool. You’re going to have fun with it too.
Good luck.

I looked online, got a used Technic from 2012 for £3k. As used due to the limited range they all have low miles for the most part. Took me a month to find the right deal to include transportation. Given it was a Renault dealer, initial warranty of 3 month, MOT and servicing was included. I have been very happy with the experience and savings from the pre-owned pool. The one I purchased drove better than the demo from the local dealer :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advise. Brought a 2015 reg twizy with 500 miles for £4800!
Will collect the car tommorrow just need to get it wrapped now :blush:

Wow. You don’t hang about. Well done. Sounds like you had a good deal. Show us some pictures when you have it wrapped.

Will do… Thank you for the advise

Congratulations!! I got mine 3 days now, and it’s fun fun fun!! :slight_smile:

I have had mine nearly a month and yes its so much fun