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Looking for a twizy....

On the look out for a Twizy, based in South Wales. In the current climate it’s only window shopping but once life returns to normal I’m hoping I can find myself a Twizy to enjoy. Sadly I feel I may have plenty of time to be looking!

I was looking for a while and went on this forum and found someone on here selling one, I bought it and very happy with it.
Looks like the government are going to extend my MOT aswell now :wink:.
Shame I can’t use it much with all what’s going on

Hi, what’s your budget? Any thing particular your after spec wise… not that there was a huge range lol

Going on advice one with doors, otherwise id be open to considering all, budget wise the cheaper end so second hand rather than new.

I may have one for sale when things settle. I have 2! It’s a very late model dynamique. Send me a PM if that’s possible on here!

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I have a 12 model year with full closure windows, type 2 charger to replace the 13amp and no battery lease. 2600 miles. I’m currently in Newport and the car is in London. I could ask my father in law to trailer it here if you were a serious buyer.

Happy to facetime around the car.

DM if youre keen.

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Ive messaged you zero_twiz.

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