Looking for mats?

Hi - I am a proud new Twizy owner!
Can anyone advise me on mats? Has anyone just bought them on Amazon?

Welcome!! Pity the weather is turning a bit cold now. You will enjoy the Twizy a LOT better in the warm weather.
As far as mats are concerned, I myself just bought cheap plastic ones and cut to shape. The Twizy is so small that virtually all standard cars mats will fit by cutting to shape.

thanks yes I am going to have to get my winter woollies out that’s for sure!
OK so just get el cheapo and then wing it?

Welcome to Twizy ownership, I hope you have as much fun as I’m having. This is a great forum with many experienced owners offering excellent advice. I’m a fairly recent owner and found it very helpful.

Thanks Silas!
Am intending to put the name of my clinic on my little Twizy and use it for advertising - and have fun whilst I’m getting the benefit!
Photos to follow once sorted

What are the latest thoughts on windows?? Have read all the stuff here but much of it is a couple of years old. What should I order?

Look up “Forget the Windows” thread. Two years old info still applies. Good luck.