Looking for twizy cargos!


We are a small business based in London and we are looking to buy some Twizy cargo for deliveries. We are willing to pay a serious premium to get them. If anyone interested please message us. Renault is giving us a lead time of 3 months which is way too much for us.



What is the lead time Renault are giving you?


They are telling us that the lead time is at least 3m in the UK. We really do not mind buying used cars but there are very few on the market as of today.


I have tried the French adds but no cargo comes-up.

Search on marktplaats.nl for ‘twizy cargo’ and you get at least 10 hits


Yes but every time I tried to buy them from abroad the dealers tell me that they cannot send the twizy abroad because of the leasing agreement of the battery. I don’t quite understand why but each time I get the same answer…

Talk to RCI UK and explain they will hopefully sort something out. As long as some one is paying the lease they don’t care.

There is an alternative (while still staying legal) and then is to get a car dealer to import them as dealers get a 3 month grace period before they have to pay for the battery rental.

Hi Osbrook,

Sorry Im new to this, what is the RCI UK?

Renault and Nissan use the Renault finance company to do their PCP and battery leasing contracts and collect payments. RCI is not part of Ranault as such, so they don’t care about issues, you just have to pay them regards less of the state of the car ie. broken and with Renault but you still pay. Sell you car and don’t get the new owner to sign the battery contract you pay them.

Try RCI on 0871 977 0006

I’m affraid that you will have the same delivery time for standard Twizy, don’t you think ?

That said, I think the best solution is the luggage-carrier, much cheaper, more versatile and gives a 2 seats Twizy, easier to sell.