Looking for Twizy North West ish

After weeks of research decided I will take the plunge. Ideally looking round the North-west area but will consider anywhere for right car.

Need doors as will be year round use. Noticed some on here that that might or might not have sold so update if any still for sale. Budget £4-5 k and have Honda Jazz selling 2011 Black full spec Leather. Just too boring for me and don’t do mileage now.

Will be garaged so well looked after and have solar panels so looking forward to charging free! Although won’t exactly save much.

So pass on to anyone you know so I can join the club. Thanks to everyone on here who has provided advice as I have probably read everything in the last few weeks.

To Twizy and beyond!


Hi Ian

I’m thinking of selling my Twizy. It is a June 2014 Technic 2 door model, which has alloy wheels and the very rare glass sunroof (Skyroof). It is in very good condition and only has 3100 miles on the clock, with no chips or alloy scuffs.

It still has it’s 4 year manufacturers warranty on it, including recovery and I have also scheduled a service for it on Monday!

I’m in Grasmere, in the Lake District, if you want to come and have a look.



Wow was only up that way for a week at the end of May staying in Ambleside. Got the best weeks weather ever. Very Interested looks perfect. Could come up Saturday to view. Might drive or could do train and bus hop as did in May. Let us know if suitable. If you have any other pics would be good.

Thanks Ian…

Hi Ian

Yes, Saturday is fine. Have you goy a contact email address and I’ll send you more pictures and my address. Any specific area you want me to photograph?



OK agreed to buy a twizy so what’s my next thing to do. Challenge me! I have to get it back from Grasmere to Widnes approx 97 miles. How many stops? Charge points for how long or should I just get it delivered been quoted approx £140. I fancy a road trip but need owners help for charging along the way or else buy a type 2 cable to access more charge points. But then I may get it delivered and no need to buy cable… Decisions decisions…

Get it delivered. No question. Even in ideal conditions it will take at least 2 charges, more like 3, making it into a 10 hour journey, enough to put anyone off EV, if not Twizy driving

Unless you have a real need for the type 2 adaptor then forget it. The cost of the cable really makes the delivery cost look better. Also more charge points are charging at a rate that really doesn’t suit the Twizy. Ie. Electric Highway £6 for 30mins regardless of how much you can take. So a nearly empty Twizy will coast £36 a charge plus £100 for the adaptor.

I too would like to do a long trip in my Twizy, driving from Twizy owner to Twizy owner for a Chat and Charge. If I was on route, you could have used my point.:slight_smile:

I live just outside Lancaster if you want to meet up?

What is your postcode please? I may take you up on the offer as I have worked out a route I think I can do in about 10 hours ish. The emphasis is on the ish. I can get a charge in the centre of Preston or Wigan which gets me home. It’s getting from Grasmere to Lancaster that’s a challenge.

I have been advised I can go via Crosthwaite and get a top up charge at Gilpin Bridge car dealership. I’ll have to ask nice.

Then back roads to yours for hopefully a full charge. Then onto Preston for final top up before home at Wa8 3yl. Trip of approx 100 miles and possibly up to 12 hours. Aiming to start early at 8/9. I’ve heard charnock Richard services have normal 13amp 3 pin plug charges but will visit tomorrow to confirm. No where seems to confirm this even on the ecotricity network which owns them.

I’m hoping to meet up with Keith.H from here on the forum as purchased his tuning box by Kenneth. That depends on a finely timed meet up and work shifts permitted. Gilpin Bridge stop for this hopefully.

Epic Road trip in a day if I can pull it off…

As they say Twizy owners it’s over to you. What are your thoughts.

Hello Ian, when are you thinking of doing the mega road trip? :smile:

Possibly next sat or Sunday but up in air till I sell my car though might get it anyway if car not sold. Like a challenge me!

What’s your postcode as I’m in a marginal area in my planning. You are the solution hopefully…

Lol. Either Saturday or Sunday will be fine with me. Postcode is LA3 2LH, its a new build estate with a strange layout so not the easiest house to find… I dont even think it shows on Google maps even though we moved in 2 years ago!! :smile:

Sounds like a plan is coming together. Your a star!

In Heysham then. Perfect can stick to the beautiful coast roads and back lanes of Lake District.

I’ll start getting a few other things organised and hopefully we could be good to go by weekend.

Sold mine yesterday. Called a f fiend of mine who is a motorcycle transporter with a high roof long wheel base transit van. Went in no problem. Cost? 60 quid!

Bargain cheapest I got was £100 which is good I thought.

Road trip hopefully it is…

My journey cancelled tomorrow as loan funds not in till Monday gutted. May try Thursday will you be available or in work?

No Twizy fun tomorrow…

Hello ian,

Sorry for the late reply, been a tough past few days as our dog of 14 years passed away :cry:

I wont be around on Thursday or this weekend as i am visting family in Nottingham.

When do you plan on collecting your Twizy?

Kind regards


Sad times. Wish you happiness never easy.

All sorted got type 2 charger so access to more charge points. 7 ish stops on way down for top ups. Thursday is go! All day take time and will stop at Renault in Morecambe for a bit but each stop just top up.

Be blogging on the site my journey. Should be fun.

And out no bother at the other end :slight_smile: