Looking for Twizy

Thought i’d do my “looking for” post here (again),

I recently made a post on my evmeerkat blog, but did not manage to get a loaner for the purpose.
However decided enough was enough with the chatter and it was time to put money where my mouth is.

And so, I am looking for my ideal - Twizy Technic with Doors + Bluetooth Kit.
My ideal payment and figure offered is 4k.
Personal/Commercial sale, could be paid via Paypal/Card payment to enable me use the credit card (i know, i’m quite a credit borrower here)

I am form North London, so say, willing to travel 80 miles from NW4 postcode to collect this, else will need a delivery included.

On good off chance this will prove to be a great run around and all things #evMeerkat promo mobile unit - happy to add this twizy as outright purchase to my growing “ev fleet” (c-zero + nissan leaf)

I’ve got one 2012 black driven only 6 times.

If you interested just name a price. My mother got dementia gotta sell to buy equipment.

Sorry to hear about your mother. Alas I did get one already, some 6 months back now :slight_smile:

Say, what pics/price you are selling yours for? Happy to enquire about, see if I find you a buyer.

How many miles has it done

600.Sadly my mother had a stroke now dementia so need to buy equipment and wheelchair car.

If interested contact me at [email protected]