Looking to become a Twizy Owner

Hello Twizy Owners! I am looking to join you…

I have 2 kids and the youngest is getting towards 4 so we need to move out of central London (where our local school is ‘very failing’) to a good catchment area. I’m not moving so far out but need to find a good way of commuting into town and avoiding having to pay the congestion charge plus have something easy to park and, more importantly, fun to drive. So I thought… Twizy!

I have been looking around for months now. Ideally I am after one that isn’t too old, has a skyroof, doors, windows, parrot system, anti-lift alarm and parking sensors. I don’t really want to buy it new because the depreciation looks horrendous though.

Ones I have seen that I am interested in are:

Twiz A:

I like the look of this, sounds great, sounds like it has been well looked after and is near by. But… it’s one of the older ones at 2012 and pretty high mileage for a Twiz at 10,000 miles. £3,500

Twiz B:


It’s 2015 (the dealer entered the date on the advert wrong), it’s formerly owned by Renault and in immaculate condition, 19 miles on the clock. But… it doesn’t have any doors. They have quoted me £4,075 if I take it as it is or they tell me that they can fit doors -which is odd because I didn’t think you could fit them after market- but then it would be £5,399.82 including doors, hinges, clips all fully fitted.

Twiz C:


Now this one is just stunning. 2014 Twizy, 4324 miles on the clock, obviously well looked after AND it comes with its own battery included so no £45 a month to pay on top of the car price. It’s a bit pricey at £6,142 but I figure that the battery being included will offset the extra price as long as I keep it ore than 2 years (which I will). But it is located in Norway.

I am really very, very tempted with Twiz C. Does anyone know a good company for getting it back to Blighty and registered with the DVLA, import tax paid etc?

And am I being mad thinking about importing a Twiz rather than buying one already in the UK? I really hate the idea of renting the battery.

Welcome to the forum, It looks like you have completed a lot of research already. One thing I found was that there are plenty of Twizy’s that come along, so if you have something in mind and do not have to rush a decision, then wait for something that matches your requirements.

DON’T BUY ONE WITHOUT DOORS!!! Unless you live in an all year round sunny climate. And just wait. I paid £2750 for mine, was immaculate 2012 and only 2200 miles on the clock with full service and an extra years warranty and even delivery! So if you wait they come along. Don’t rush in to it. The £6k isn’t bad but it’ll cost you to get it back over here, even if you went in a transit to pick it up.

Renault stated you cannot add doors after production. Most of the Twizys for sale at the cheaper end do not have doors as people realise it was a mistake, especially with kids and carrying bags of shopping or animals.

That means out of the approx 400 Twizys in the UK only a very few Twizys with doors come up for sale as people tend to hang on to them. I’m not saying that door’ed models are rare or don’t come up for sale it’s just more of the doorless ones get traded more often.

Transporting a Twizy isn’t a problem, there are companies that will do it, or hire a trailer, or a transit van and ramps. You just have to find one first.

Also review your list of must haves and see if some are would like. Finding one with a skyroof will be very hard these are very rare only a handful in the UK. Anti lift can be fitted after, although the Twizy cannot be picked up! An movement alarm would do.

Windows are like Marmite, once you have managed without them you never put them back on. The Parrot system could be added after but again there are cheaper alternatives. Like wise the parking sensors - the Twizy is so small you can see a round it. It they are a must fit afterwards.

Alloy wheels not on your list? again these can be added afterwards. There is a Twizy for sale in London @Evmeerkat is selling his, but it doesn’t match some of your wants.

Hey hey,
Welcome to the forum. Indeed twizy without doors - I wouldn’t.
But that’s a personal preference.
Just be aware of puddle-splashes, if you don’t have doors and ride in town, is all.

Mine is in and out of sale status as Brexit put a damp mood on all purchases for now.

Mine is stil available, if you’re about London - happy to meet up for a demo.

I published a few snaps about “living with a twizy” on my blog recently. feel free to poke about my blog to see what my twizy got up to. Www.evmeerkat.com


Hi Twiz
Welcome to the forum. Importing a Twizy with a battery is an interesting idea, it gets around the battery rental but the added costs might just make it too expensive.

If you don’t go down that route then I would agree with all of the above advice, particularly the “wait for the right one”. I’ve purchased two Twizys over the last year (no I’m not rich, my business partner wanted the first one). Both were 2014 models with low mileage (1750 and 650) bought from main dealers for less than half the new price. I bought unseen - they were too far away - and had them delivered on a flat-bed, with no problems. Buying a 2014 still leaves 2 years warranty in case of major failures.

I’ve only taken a 2 year battery rental so that it ends at the same time as the warranty. It may be a gamble on a better solution being available then but I’m willing to support any efforts to encourage Renault to improve the agreement. It’s also possible that someone will develop an alternative battery.

Good luck, you’ll love it when you get one.


Welcome to the forum.

I’m a no door twizy owner, never got wet in the front because the plastic deflectors work very well together with the front wheel arch flaps. My passengers in the back have got soaked :slight_smile:

I hate the idea of the doors , heard many poeple complain about the adjustment and i’m guessing without windows fitted you still get wet in the back?

Had mine since 2012 , no complaints about the lack of doors.
Although I do own a Mini Moke and Scamp kit car :wink:
I think we should blow the bloody doors off…

Apropos the “doors” choice, you should ideally try both before making your mind up. You don’t get wet from above in a door-less Twizy, but there is a risk you could get splashed from the side. Front mud flaps are also essential for a door-less,

Personally, although we use both types frequently, we prefer our own doorless model. Doored Twizies rattle, water seems to drip down the insides of the door when it does rain, they’re tedious to reverse and they take much longer to get in and out of.

On the other hand, doored Twizies are inherently warmer, you can store stuff on the floor, kids don’t climb in and out of them in car parks, and you don’t need to wear anything on your bottom half! You pays your money …

Windows, for us, just complete the feeling of claustrophobia.

Unless on a dedicated site (Naturist) then I suggest you do need to wear something on your bottom half, or risk offending someone or even being arrested.


My 2015 twizy might be for sale its a white Technic 1300 miles I think it has alloy wheels and Renault windows. I have had a happy year with it but my boat plans have changed so the twizy is redundant give me a message if interested


Get one with the doors… This morning floods in London reminded me how useful they are while driving to work on the flooded roads.

My son is going to be 5 and he loves been in the back of the Twizy almost everyday for the last 2 years, preferably when it is not raining but I never go fast when he is in the back so not really a problem.


Mine is due for its final payment in October, which I cannot afford to pay so I will be handing the car back to Renault. It has doors, no windows (had Renault ones, used them all of twice) no sky roof, orange and black colour combination, alloys, I think about 6k on the clock. So keep an eye out round October and see where it ends up.

If you buy without a skyroof we can fit after for you, no problem.

Aftermarket fitting? How much? How good? Example snaps ?

Hi all, I know this is an old thread but I’m hoping somebody may say ‘hi’ and offer some advice please. I desperately want to purchase a Twizy 45. I can only ride a scooter/ light quadricycle, so the micro cars coming out are just perfect for me! I’m in love with the Twizy!! Please can anybody tell me if they’ve ever heard of a Twizy 45 in the UK, or is my only option importing one? if so, is that going to be insanely expensive? Thank you so much in advance for any help. Having a mode of transport will change my life dramatically.

I am pretty sure that the 45 is not available in the UK, not sure if it was regulations or just the market, @osbrook may know more

The 45 was never sorted out for the UK as there are different rules around who can drive at what age and what license, Also the but stopper appeared to be insurance, this was going to start at around £4000!

Renault couldn’t see any point in bring to the UK.

However that does not stop you buying one from outside the UK and importing it.

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