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Loose Window

Arrgh! I’ve the official Renault windows fitted, and just noticed one of them being very unstable. I then found a large Torx screw on the floor. It appears to screw into the bracket on the door, BUT although the Torx is a machine screw and not self-tapping, it doesn’t appear to screw into anything - making me think it needs to screw into a nut somewhere to make it captive.

As I’ve not got any install instructions, does anyone know for sure?

There are two brackets that clip into the door frame, these are retained by the Torx Screw.
They do have a habit of loosening over time, and I retighten mine every few weeks.
There is a link on this site (somewhere…) to all the Renault downloadable documents so you can download the fitting instructions.


Cheers Andy - I’ve lost something, but I don’t know what! Ta for the pointer…