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Losing battery power main battery

I had an issue with my main charger after having tried to charge the Twizy with a gasoline generator. It stopped to work after a peak from the gas generator.
I got help to open the charger and replaced a varistor and voila it did work again. I can now charge the main battery.

Now after this I see that the main battery is continously loosing power. I charge it up to max and then it quickly looses down to 98% and then further on about 1-1,5% a day.

First I thougt it might be the 12v battery that got a spike from the gas generator somehow, I replaced it.
(when pulling it out it had 13,7v!!, now still 13v 3 days later) but it seems to continue even after replacing it.

-Anyhow I need to see where Im loosing the energy,
anyone that nows where and how to troubleshoot and start? -Start with fuses?
Thanks a million for tips and tricks

I have the latest generation of charger and my traction battery loses around 30% per month.

At first this bothered me and I considered fitting some kind of master switch on the 12v battery.

But, when I gave it some thought, it’s only just over £3 worth of electricity per year.

It also means the traction battery doesn’t sit at the same state for a long time. I suspect having to recharge 4 times per year is probably a good thing for the traction battery.

Another benefit, I find, is if I charge then unplug the Twizy. The ~2% lost over night allows room for regent to work straight away.

In short, I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

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The traction battery, when left for longer time, is actually best stored at 50% at 20 celcius. Sitting at same state of charge does not damage the battery except if it is close to 100% or close to 0%.

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thank you for your replies //Thomas