Loud horn

My horn seems louder inside than it is outside.
In traffic others barely hear my horn while I will get deaf by how loud it is inside (no thay don’t have their windows closed ;)).
Is my horn mounted in reverse or are you all having the same?
Does anyone have the possition and type of horn the T mounts? (@ALEXAKOS )

Because the Twizy has no isolation whatsoever the noise of the horn gulfs right into the car. Indeed it is more open into the car than to the outside.

In the picture you see the position of the horn. I made circles around some (not all!) of the holes leaking the noise from the horn to the inside of the Twizy.

The pedestrian warning sound is also louder in the car than out. I thik it is there to keep you alert for people wandering about not to warn pedestrians. :grinning:

I’d always thought the horn in the Twizy was good for a small car ( usually pathetic, remember 2CV days). Now I know why, it’s louder inside than outside :anguished::anguished::anguished:

To make the Twizy a bit more comfortable in winter I put some tape on the holes and cut the yoga mat of my wife into handy filling stuff. The red circles is where her yoga mat went :slight_smile:

It was not enough. There are more holes than a man can imagine.

@shthpnz thanks, this explains a lot of things.
I think I will change the horn for a more directional one.
It is useles this way

@shthpnz have you tried with some kind of bitumen tape:
We used it to sound proof areas with uneven surface and it works perfectly.
I suppose we will se at the end of autumn how to cover all the holes that leaks in the T

@salto.si I did not see your reply, sorry. I never used your bitumen tape, it’s worth a try.Thanks!