Low Cost Twizy Mudflaps

Just bought a Twizy last week, a 600 mile round trip in a transit van, not great! Read a few posts about mud flaps as mud on the roads is a real problem in rural Derbyshire. Couldn’t bring myself to shell out £56 for the Renault ones so used some old rubber car mats I had lying around 8 large flange pop rivets and a bit if silicone sealant and the picture is the finished result. Took about an hour to do and not difficult with the wheels off.

Sorry can’t see how to attach the photo, any help please

Must have been the day for it, made mine too.

You can upload photos if you click on the upload icon, its the 7th one from left above the text box you type in, click that then “choose file”

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There is an uploader feature in the text generator section…see tool bar above.

Never mind, I see that you figured it out.

Thanks managed to find the right button. Great minds think alike! You seem to have tackled the problem in a similar way. Tried mine today and although it doesn’t stop all the mud it’s made a massive difference

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