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M.O.T. advice and Handbrake Adjustment

I have phoned and visited numerous M.O.T. stations around Norwich and cannot find anyone who will carry out a test on the Twizy. They say that their vehicle lifts or pits are too wide. The only place that I can find is the Renault dealer, however, I am loath to use them as they were completely uninterested in Twizy when I went there to buy one. When I asked if they had a demonstrator or used Twizy in stock the Sales Manager, said “thank goodness we dont!” Does anybody know of a place near or in Norwich where I can get it tested? Not due until end of February but think it best to research now. The only thing that I think it may fail on, is the handbrake. I cannot work out how to adjust it, and it has to be pulled to the full extent to hold on a very steep incline. As always any help or advice is much appreciated.

Try Motorcycle Mot centres, they do Quad bikes and may help.

The handbrake adjustment is in two places and it is better to check which to do.

  1. If the cable has stretched
    Lift the floor panel that is in front of the drives seat. Your will see the adjuster there.
  2. If the rear brakes have worn
    The this is a bit trickier to explain, if you are not used to Motor bike brakes. Unlike the front brakes the rear ones have the ability to set the piston location by ‘unscrewing screwing’ in the piston. This means removing the rear wheel, and sticking a screw driver in the side to brake caliper and rotating the piston piston - out in your case. Again try a Motorcycle workshop, they are othfer interested in the Twizy and willing to help.
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I had the same issue with MOT garages and width of lifts. I also tried my local motorcycle garage but they said they could only MOT motorcycles, not quads.
I contacted an EV specialist via this website https://www.hevra.org.uk/garages.html looks like there are a couple around 15 miles from you, good luck.

Many thanks for your advice on handbrake adjustment, I will try lifting the floor panel first, I think.
This afternoon, I found a new MOT station that were keen to help with the MOT, David Utting Engineering. They said a Class4 MOT station cannot refuse to test a Twizy, apparently if a vehicle is too narrow for a lift, the MOT regulations say they must use trolley jacks or similar lifting devices for the checks.

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My Renault dealer cannot do themselves and has partnered with a local bike centre to complete the works. Make sure you point out thinks like the lights that are different to a normal car else they could fail for that (did mine) until they realise and then correct

Thanks for the advice.