M365 Electric Scooter

Anyone else have a M365 electric scooter?
Took mine for a run today…thinking about how it could be boosted :grin:
Great little thing - fits on back seat of Twizy and can save you from a bit of walking. Not strictly legal yet though…thanks to some very old laws.

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Something else I’ve wanted for a little while but not taken the plunge. I’ll wait till the laws change before getting one as I don’t want the hassle from the police.

If the gov do stick with their initial guidance I’ll be looking for something with the full 500w :grin:

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250w isnt really enough. I have seen one or two with mods to make them quicker…sure there is someone who would know how on here? Got to be simple really if you know how.
I cant believe any policeman would waste his time actually writing a ticket out for one - unless you were being particularly stupid. I follow the cycle lanes around the village…really lazy!

Have you used the firmware hacks yet to increase performance?

No…tell me more?! :flushed:

Right…looked it up. It’s a downgrade / custom firmware thing. Not sure if the loophole has been closed as mine doesnt seem to want to accept the custom firmware.

Now I did just find these…might fit a Twizy…

Have you tried this app to downgrade?

If that doesn’t work, the ST-Link cable is the only way to do it. Depends how bad you want moar speeeeeed :grinning:

From what I understand - after looking into this - the st link has been superseded by downg.

Newer models have to have the bluetooth downgraded first- as they shut off a loophole that meant people could hijack the scooters and remotely control them. Once this has changed - you can.roll back the firmware to a custom designed one - with any variable you choose - albeit keeping within parameters to ensure it doesnt explode!

I cant seem to get the downg to accept - it keeps timing out and saying “cancelled due to retry”.
Have tried various different sources for the zip files.

I dont know if it is because mine is specifically a ninebot - but I do not think it is the issue.

Will keep trying! When I first had the scooter it was noticeably better - then on an upgrade it slowed down - I thought it was a sticking brake - which I have subsequently fixed - but now miss the speed!

Have ordered the pro upgrade screen - and will see if this helps at all.

Thanks for mentioning this to me - my weekend has now become scooter hacking! :rofl:

So two failed attempts to revise the firmware (modifying the BLE module) and reloading custom parameters. Managed to do something- now my accelerator is a regen brake…oops - something is backwards!
Then a failed attempt to upgrade the screen to the new pro version… m365 original wiring doesnt seem totally comparable - no connectors match - and only some wire colours…
Back the the drawing board on that one…

That’s a shame the replacement screen doesn’t seem to be compatible. I’ve seen a few videos and guides online which seem to show it as a drop in replacement - and every time their wiring colours and connectors always match up. Guess you’ve got an oddball scooter there!

I think it is “early adopter” punishment. I have seen all the videos - and it is supposed to be plug and play. Mine is a March 2017 build - ninebot - so seems a little different. Ordered 3 screens now and all not compatible. Now I just want it working again! :sleepy:

I have two of those.
I use this page to create a firmware file, then m365_downg to update.
You need to make sure you have the version with dual fuses.

Both mine do 30kmh now, and pull around 800w peak.

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Wow. That is exactly the plan for mine. They are alot better that way! Have u the original or pro?

I just cant get a screen connected again as the connector broke of the circuit board - ordered replacements but the connectors dont match.
When it was working it wouldnt accept a BLe downgrade or any firmware - it time out. So now I need to connect the st link dongle I have. Was supposed to be a 30 minute upgrade and ended up taking weeks!
On m365 tools it said I have one fuse, but my serial number is a EU version which all had two fuses. :flushed::thinking:

I have the non-pros.
I did try fitting a Pro-board on one of them, but it was just messy. A lot more hassle to upgrade. Just keep it stock, with new firmware.

I will try the stlink to reset it. Just need to solder the GTP5 4pin connector back to the circuit board. But don’t know what order now it broken.

The saga continues…

I managed to replace the throttle cable, battery cable, brake cable, and then install the pro screen. Have altered the firmware, now running the Russian power mod, which makes the throttle alot more responsive, and will hit 30kmh on a straight now, and actually will go up inclines. :joy: makes it noticeably quicker than riding a bike. The parallels with the Twizy are uncanny, with my custom firmware like the Sevcon, and regen braking and power delivery all tunable. Even down to the 18650s and the spare space for expansion…:thinking:

A bit of investment in the new parts…about 50 quid all in…but the scooter now goes like it is meant to. Next step is fitting the tubeless solid tyres, a lick of paint, and investigating installing a dual motor and battery to make it 2wd. The dual motor is something I’ve looked into with the twizy. Back seats to hold the gubbins and 4wd… that said, I prefer the idea of in hub motors and know for a few thousand that would have it flying.

The rear tail light on the scooter is horrendous, so I’m also planning on scrapping one from my bike and using that somehow.
I could tap of the 5v supply and use a DC2DC converter to get it to 12v, but I don’t like doing that. Is there an issue in general with stepping up voltages?