So, here’s the tale of the Twizy called Echo.

I got Echo back in March, after my first Twizy (Topher) may have had a little accident with the back of a Landrover :oops:. Because parts for Topher were expected to take 6 months and I kicked up a fuss, Renault offered me a new Twizy so I didn’t have to wait so long.

Echo came, and was driven. I took the opportunity to buy some official Renault windows too, as she’s parked outside and I got fed up of having a wet bottom.

On Friday last week, just under 1700 miles on the clock, the dreaded SERV light came on. I took Echo in, and was told it was a fault with the charger. Yup, mud in the charger!

So, they fixed that, and I got her back.

Then on Monday, I was out and about and opened the door, whereupon the frame for the Renault Windows popped out of the door frame and the window started flapping about. It was clearly broken, and took some of the door paint with it. Back to the dealer, explained that I didn’t want replacement windows as I wasn’t impressed they’d lasted such a short period of time.

Got Echo back on Tuesday, by which time I’d spent 6 hours running around dropping my car off and picking it up, not to mention bugging my best friend to give me lifts in and out of Bristol.

I was away all day yesterday, so Echo sat on the driveway plugged in from the return home on Tuesday.

This morning, I unplugged her, and set off into town for a meeting. Half-way there, the SERV light came on again.

MADNESS. This is UTTER MADNESS. Sorry, but I’m a little cross with Renault right now.

Customer service has told me that it has to try and fix the problem again (I’d said I wanted a refund because the car was costing me more to stand around and get fixed than it was saving me on petrol).

I also told CS that I wasn’t going to drive a petrol courtesy car, and I’d be billing them if they gave me one for the petrol I used.

My local Renault dealer is also a Citroen dealer, so they brushed off a demo C-Zero (which hasn’t been looked after all that well) for me to borrow until my Twizy is fixed.

But… Seriously… Not… Impressed. THREE visits to the dealer in SIX days! C’mon Renault. This car needs to be really seriously looked at.


What a nightmare! Sounds like you got a ‘Friday afternoon’ Twizy! So when did Renault say the Twizy would be ready for you to go and collect…again?

We get quite a few “unlucky” owners posting negatives about the Twizy. I think it should be balanced by happy owners posting some positives.
I am lucky to be one of those happy owners. I am extremely happy with my Twizy!! Touch wood, so far it has been totally trouble free. It has been a great joy to drive, even in the midst of winter. It has done exactly what I want it to do, ie do local trips. And I make excuses just to jump in and drive it. Since I got it nearly 4 months ago, I have not visited the petrol station once with my other cars!!! And that’s because I use the Twizy all the time.
My local Renault garage has been very good and the staff very helpful. One of the staff is particularly knowledgeble about ZE cars, so that helps.

Let’s all hope it stays that way for you-keep us posted :wink:

the frame for the Renault Windows popped out of the door frame and the window started flapping about.

When I had the official Renault Windows I had the bracket pop out of the door frame.
it is caused by the screws becoming slack.
Very easy to refit the bracket and check that all the screws are tight.
I used to do a tightness check every few weeks on the screws and there were always one or two screws that needed re-tightening


When I had the official Renault Windows I had the bracket pop out of the door frame.
it is caused by the screws becoming slack.
Very easy to refit the bracket and check that all the screws are tight.
I used to do a tightness check every few weeks on the screws and there were always one or two screws that needed re-tightening


The problem was mine had actually started to crack along the metal weld on the bit that attaches to the door. Really unhappy about that!

Unlucky with the Twizy, to be fair , the fault is the dealer for not fixing it right in the 1st place.
How is the Citroen ?

To save time and hassle, could you not keep the Twizy and leave the windows with a local engineering firm to spot weld it for a couple of quid?
I know it would void any future warranty on them, but saves dealing with Renault-and sooner or later you will bin these daft windows and buy a newly released better version…

I am another very happy Twizy owner. :razz: Although there has been a problem with my brakes, my local dealer has been fantastic. Looked after me all the way and are solving the issue. The service which I have received has been 1st class. The Twizy is such fun and I too use any excuse to get in it… not sure how I will manage in the winter yet…

I agree with all this.

My Twizy will be 12 months this weekend. No problems with the car or the weather. Even Sold my previous car, that I had in storage and my Motorbike. I have been to a petrol station - With not only the Camper Van but the Twizy to get fuel for the lawnmower!

I have Not had to use my dealer (Service this weekend) but unless things have changed they are like John Snow - “They know nothing” Other than what I told them. Insurance has dropped by 50% as well. Just need the sun out so I can charge it for free at home.

A happy owner is a good thing and is what Renault should be aiming for-it’s great to see some garages are performing well!

Unfortunately, my experience was marred by the dealers who could not care less (it’s all on here as posts) and the way they dealt with ongoing issues. The people that are happy on here seem to have had little or no problems with their Twizy and so have not had to test their dealer much; but there are posts on the forum from numerous people about repeated dealer visits with no cure of the fault, Twizys being off the road for months while parts are not available and so on-I think luck plays a part in this as well as what dealer you use.
Even some die-hard EV fans who love the Twizy get cross about this.

How would you feel if you were paying out finance and battery hire for your Twizy and it was off road for months with no courtesy car due to parts not being available?
Or not being able to get a tyre following a serious puncture?
Perhaps a decent dealer would do the right thing and lend you a Twizy or rob a tyre off their demo?

While yours remains reliable and you are not having issues, your dealer is great, but…?

Personally, I could live with numerous issues with a Twizy (it is almost a prototype so it’s to be expected) if the dealers dealt with it well and made you feel valued.
It’s not hard to make you a cup of tea, explain what is going to be done and lend you something nice while the work is done-then invite you to the next ZOE event or whatever.
Just this makes it bearable.

It just goes to show that choosing the dealer is as important as choosing your Twizy! I miss my Twizy daily, but am very glad to never have to deal with the dealers ever again.

I really like my Twizy, but two weeks into driving after my accident repair, the throttle pedal has had a repeat of the sticking kind again. Not regular, not often, but worrying. After waiting for three weeks, a second replacement wheel and tyre arrived due to the damaged caused to the rim when I crashed - Renault hadn’t noticed. Now have to go back to get the new wheel attached next week. As mentioned before, I got the Twizy because I bought Solar panels for my roof; I do a 24 mile round commute, and don’t drive much in between. Having a petrol car was costing money sitting still. The £1 charge, 49 miles on a charge at the moment, and maximum 52mph on our average speed camera A127 was ideal. I immediately saved money on selling my Abarth 500 on all aspects of motoring. I was paying £90 per month on fuel so £48 for battery rental seemed OK considering the warranty offer. However as Mender stated, I have paid out more money for travel and had the inconvenience of having no courtesy car e.t.c. The individuals I have spoken with seem very pleasant, but Renault’s selling of ZE products are shocking… I noticed two Twizy’s in the dealer when I picked up my car adding more volume and depress the values of used / pre-registered cars. I have enquired about three alternative EV’s on the internet mentioning I had a Twizy to trade in - no reply! My worry is the sticking pedal, investigated by Renault who found no fault… Here’s hoping for summer sun to blow the blues away as this muggy damp weather isn’t as fun as it could be. Have a good weekend everyone.

My throttle still sticks occasionally, you would think that Renault would have recalled them for this by now.

1/ Commission and independent engineer survey to carry out a report and video the fault occurring
2/ Via your legal cover on your insurance or breakdown cover enlist a solicitor to deal with Renault
3/ Reject the vehicle as unfit for purpose, stating they have had time to repair the faults
4/ Add to the claim loss if earnings, loss of vehicle etc and insist they refund the NEW price of the Twizy

I guarantee that if done properly, this will work as you have allowed them chance to fix it and they have caused loads of problems.
For the fault to recur now is simply unforgivable and there is evidence available to back up the fact the vehicle has a dangerous fault, starting with the fact Renault actually issued a red OTS to repair sticking throttles but then deny that there is a problem.


I’m a happy Twizy driver, but a very unhappy owner.:frowning:

I always wanted a Zoe but was persuaded to take a Twizy by the dealership’s sales manger to get me into EV motoring. In retrospect had I known the consequences I’d have waited it out for the Zoe’s launch. Yes I agree with all the fun stuff and no I’ve not had any mechanical faults, but to set fire to a pile of tenners equal to four and a half thousand pounds is unacceptable.

Renault employed a couple of hundred EV Ambassadors in selling them Twizys and despite all the benefits they’ve had, we’re treated shabbily.

It looks like I’m going to buy a Nissan Leaf Visia and so my local Renault dealer looses a sale and dissatisfied customer who’ll broadcast their story to anyone who’ll listen. Great.

For me the remedy is simple - supplement the dealer trade in offer up to a sensible figure out of Renaults slush fund. I won’t tell and buy a Zoe like a satisfied satisfied customer. When I put this to Kelly at CS all she would say is they wouldn’t clear my finance and was deaf to me explaining I have funds to do that its the principle of reasonable expectations when trading up.


That makes sense-all of it. I felt the same in that I loved driving the Twizy but not having to deal with Renault.
There is no slush fund, that is the problem-they have lost most of their mainstream sales to Kia and Hyundai and have no spare money. Going EV was a risk which with careful handling could have worked, but they have made schoolboy errors by the dozen in sales, marketing, product placement, owner satisfaction and have more or less destroyed the model’s future.

The Twizy has been handled appallingly by Renault and that is why we are where we are now with poor demand and huge depreciation.
My reasoning though, was to not go near any EV for another 10-15 years as the financial risk seems too great until they are widely accepted.

As said before, advertise yours privately a price to undercut the dealers by a good chunk, get it sold and then work out your next step from there.

I sold my Twizy, bought a Suzuki Alto, sold that for £550 profit and bought another car which is due to make me a good return when sold. I am not an Eco-warrior, I just liked the quirkiness and cutting edge tech of the Twizy-but I would never be prepared to lose as much money on anything in such a short time, hence my reluctance to go near EVs for a while.*
Even Nikki who is very much into EVs has winced at the losses on her LEAF.

The enjoyment of a car for me is the whole package; it’s not just the drive, it’s the feeling I believe in the car and the brand and that it offers great value for money for what I am paying.

The daft thing is that RogerNews may do the best out of any forum member as he is entitled to reject his and get a refund-if he makes the effort and follows the right steps to do so.

It’s a damn shame and a damning indictment for Renault that they produced a great vehicle but ruined it with their total nightmare-what are they going to do with the ZOE?

Unless…*I miss driving the Twizy and if the opportunity to buy one at the trade prices on here came up and I knew I could break even or sell for profit in the future, whilst staying at least 20 miles away from any dealer during ownership, I would consider one again.

I’d disagree… I haven’t winced at the losses on my LEAF. It’s saved me MORE money than any depreciation. And I’ve got it for a 5 year purchase plan so… I love my LEAF. It’s got 38,400 miles on the clock now, and it feels just like it did when new. I was moaning a little about how us early adopters are in negative equity compared tho the new ones.

But I’m more than happy to keep my LEAF. It’s saved far more money than not having it would :slight_smile: The one which is bugging me is the Twizy. That’s been a waste of my money.

Hi Nikki-not quite sure…! Are early adopters facing more depreciation than those buying now?
I suppose the LEAF will work out in the long run and if it works well, you like it and you can charge it cheaply, it’s not a problem-plus, as you say they are nice cars!
Interested to know how it saved money if worked out against a similar spec petrol car over your mileage, taking fuel costs into account, how do the figures stack? I know all new cars lose loads of money and many get into neg eq in yr 2-3, just curious how it compares to, say, an Econetic Focus with similar spec?

Percentage wise the Twizy has lost a lot, but £-wise are they running similar losses year on year?


I bought a Twizy second hand in the UK and now drive it in Malta. Of course, the weather here is great and the Twizy was built to be enjoyed here. It’s the only one on the island so it has become a bit of a celebrity.

Renault are launching their EV range here this year.

Twizy has been a great deal. I am saving an average of €200 a month on fuel, all my Valletta entrance costs are zero (another €10 a week there) and road licence is a permanent €10 a year (saving around €120 there).

By registering it on my company I got a 150% tax rebate on the value so it came for free and made me money just by buying it.

Charging is free because I produce all my power from PV panels.

That’s Twizy in a different scenario for you.

Sounds like a great way to do it!
I thought the Twizy was forbidden in the battery hire contract to leave the country the batteries are hired from though?